Take Time Today

I don’t know, nor do I particularly care, what your experience with this girl is, because that won’t shake how in my eyes she will always be extraordinary. Our friendship began in a 2nd grade classroom in 1997 and little did we know we would never be the same. It’s rare to find such a gem like her, the gem of being friends with her and being taken so quickly under the wings of her family. She taught me how to ride a bike , how to listen to good music, how to swim, how to use my creative outlet with all I got, how to correctly pronounce words in English that I was constantly getting all wrong and with that how to laugh at yourself. She encapsulates beauty, loyalty, gentleness and fearlessness.

There’s not many things or people I hold onto in life. As time goes on, things change and people often pass you by,but Grace oh Grace I never quite managed to run away from her.
She held on to me and I held onto her.

It’s not her birthday & she’s very much alive, this is just a tribute to a friend who has seen me in so many phases of life , who I love dearly, who never stopped loving me, who I just want to take the time on this random Tuesday afternoon,to broadcast my appreciation for her friendship. She is my first (other than the brothers) & truest friend, the kind of friend who brings you back to summer days as a 7 year old all over again.
I was filled with a sense of urgency,after spending some with her this past weekend, to not let her words remain unspoken.These words that brought me to tears when I 1st received them in the mail in August, were words that were meant to be shared before others. 
We too often for one reason or another, leave meaningful words such as these unspoken, – especially regarding the people we love mostI thought why do we do that? Why do we leave things unspoken or unwritten? We so readily dispose of words daily without so much as a second thought, WHY NOT TAKE TIME TODAY,  take time this Tuesday, every Tuesday, no EVERYDAY, to speak those meaningful words unto others, for no reason other than not wanting to leave those words unspoken, unread or unheard. Besides you never know the effect your meaningful words can have, until you take time *TODAY* to say them.
Her speech intended for our casamento:
I met T when we started second grade together. I was sitting by myself and she had a small group of other students surrounding her – talking up a storm as always ! She saw me sitting alone and walked up to my desk – and without so much as knowing my name – she said hi my name is Thressa want to be Best Friends? And she hasn’t been able to shake me since.
 We went to school together for under two years she moved a lot butalways remember my home phone number and she was never too far for me to ride my bike to.
Through The 16 years that we’ve been friends we have watched each other GROW and  experience life in 1 million different ways. Our styles grew different. our tastes in food was different, our views on religion grew different. She kept me on my toes. She keeps me grounded.
She is the most independent woman I know. 
SO,when she told me that she truly had feelings for this boy she met at school you can imagine my skepticism.
I was terrified at the thought of some guy coming in taming her free spirit; the wild wanderlust that I had grown to love & admire so much.
I knew Greg was in it for the long-haul when he patiently waited back home,while T traveled around the world- literally -during her semester at sea. 
He wanted her to thrive & explore & to create amazing memories without him.of course it was difficult for him and he missed her tremendously- but he didn’t let his feelings get in her way. WELL When her ship docked in Florida at the end of the semester he was not willing to wait for her to get back to Nyack. The dreamboat flew to Florida and met her right there on the dock and that’s the night they shared their first kiss!! 
and he lets her eat all the food she wants ( and we all know that’s a lot).
So cheers to Mr. Greg & Mrs. T irving! I  am very honored to have watch this relationship grow,  I’m so thankful for your friendship and that you have found each other. I love you “

Our 1st weekend in Brick City

Our first weekend in our new apartment consisted of; sore arms & legs from the very real workout of carrying boxes for most of Friday, refreshing trips to the greenhouse to freshen up our house, & long strolls down town exploring this new city that will soon be the norm. Dinners on our patio, Gregs co-workers stopping by with yeast is several forms; pumpkin bread , sourdough bread ,& Lancaster home brew, & experiencing immediately being treated as one of their own at the  1st church we were visiting. Being visited from dear mont lawn camp family who fill our paper thin walls with laughter and prayers,Chick- fil-A, Julius Sturgius Pretzel Bakery Tours, and grocery shopping at central market.
Weekend 1 of living in Lancaster, complete,thank You Jesus for making it so sweet ! This hymn describes just how sweet it has been to trust in what we heard the Lord say ( Lancaster ) 72 days ago & to now abide in that word He called us to just as he promised, for however long it may be. 
Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus,
 just to take him at His word;
 just to rest upon His promise 
& to know “Thus saith the Lord”!

Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing

The past two months we’ve been living in PA, we did not have a place of our own. We quickly learned the tremendous necessity/value in life of how being able to receive help,& how being in the RIGHT  place, can be far better than remaining a moment longer in the no longer the right place . There’s something so refreshing about knowing – even in this I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps self sufficient world we live in- that we need each other, we’re not alone, and there are people who care, who yearn to help us . So whoever you are reading this, wherever you are as you scroll through these pictures of us moving from our ” studio” in camphill, to our spacious 2 bedroom apartment in Lancaster City ( complete with laundry room hallelujah), know that friend you are welcome here. Come on over, you’re not alone YOU ARE CARED FOR , it’s our pleasure to practice hospitality, & we’d seriously love to have you over !
Also,we wouldn’t have been able to move in so smoothly this Friday were it not for the 
immense moving muscles of Greg’s (our) parents, Ashley, Mike,& Dorcas.Snow may fall from the sky, the main passage way may be to narrow so you have to bring everything through the neighbors yard, the wooden staircase may be steep and questionable… But all these obstacles in moving and in life are overcomable when people who love you come along side you, no questions asked, to -in this case literally- bear your load.


I don’t know how you’ve been getting by in life, but this is how we do,”we get by with a little help from our friends”.

So make sure you know,”If there is a load that you need to bear that you can’t carry,I’ll be right up the road and I’ll share your load if you just call me”, because we know we have people like the ones in these photos that we saw this weekend who say to us,” I am here you don’t have to worry I can see your tears I’ll be there in a hurry when you call friends are there to help you when you call,here’s my shoulder you can lean on me”.
They are there for us ,
we are here for you,
It’s a contagious never ending cycle of a never gets old message; we love you.
If you’ve not recently taken the time to tell someone you’re there for them, nor have you acted on it: STEP YOUR GAME UP please, you never know who needs it 
& besides friends make life and CELEBRATING even sweeter than chocolate cake with peanut butter icing  🙂 

March Madness Memories

To many March Madness involves basketballs
To us March marks the mad march of birthdays
Mamae’s March 31st
Sogro April 8th


Meu Marido’s March 20th,  Bruce’s April 1st,  Bry’s April 3rd,  Ash’s April 7th,  Brendan’s April22nd

          As I thought about March & the madness of  birthdays it ensues in our life

I thought about my dear siblings,
 as I often do as March approaches & winter ends

reminiscing forts, numb noses, and thawing toes in the living room.

and how strange it is that these people you grow up with,
grow separate lives in a few short years.

When did the transition from with to separate happen?

That sibling you knew inside and out,
laughed fought cried and hugged it out with…
Almost appears to have a complete other life you don’t know about .
And it’s nobodies fault & they’re not shutting you out
Time just.. doesn’t stop for anybody,
and before you know it we’re not 8,6,4,&2
 we’re grown.

My dad warned us & only now I get it…

it’s all to bittersweet to  finally understand
 that from this point on physically growing up together will only be a memory

Oh brother let me be very clear, so you don’t for a SECOND get it twisted,
just because we may physically be living separate, doesn’t mean I’m not with you.
I’m with you,
As  you are with me.
Our senses of humors, strengths, arguments, heartache, healing interests, history, opinions, beliefs,
are as intertwined as our DNA.
So dear brother in the madness of march, don’t forget you are forever mine.
As things in everyday life flood me with child hood memories,
I am me because I was raised beside you. 
& as we live ( miles apart as it may be)
& as time goes by
I continue to be your sibling who is growing up with you//

Oh this month
this mad month of March
stops me in my tracks
as I revel in the memories of how March will forever serve
(beginning with husband then mother then brother, brother,sister n-love,father in-love)
as the kick off for the tidal waves of birthdays,that come crashing in full speed
 celebrating life & family, in all its madness
for years past and years  to come .

I cherish every moment of the madness of March because it shouts of family.
 because family can sometimes feel synonymous to madness
because family can sometimes get lost in the madness that is life.
but mainly because March is the month that marks
making time to BE with them
to make more memories
with my marching in madness family <3

The Beauty of Winter

As I look at the snow, melting away, I ponder.
Winters past, the prospect of spring, and the overflow of  snow related quotes that flood my mind.
I somehow find myself having spiraled down a deep rabbit trail,
 leading me into deep curiosity about snow.

How can something so serene, powerful, breath taking,
all encompassing,and unique…
wreak so much havoc ?

How can something that fills children & puppies with effervescent joy,
  be something that fills so many people with annoyance,irritation,numbness, & injury?

How does something so beautiful bring such danger and destruction?

The other day on our way to the eye-doctor
( praise break for new glasses 20/20 people out there -like Greg- don’t worry about it you’ll never quite understand)
Greg & I had a situation as we drove in the snow.

Swerve, prayers, and safety within an instant.
Rightfully so,Greg was shaken up.
Shockingly so, I was freakishly calm.
Thankfully so, all is well.

Maybe that’s what propelled today’s post.

Perhaps this snow is not dangerous,
when we take time to enjoy it in its proper setting.

These frozen beauties that fall from the sky,
 I like to believe is intended to get me, to get us ,
to slow down and enjoy.

Maybe when we get off of “our idea of a perfect day high horse”
we’ll realize we’re the ones in danger,
 in danger of missing out in every moment we’re given.

We spend so much time” hating” it , wishing “it goes away”
making cliche jokes asking Elsa to calm it down, but why?
Why wish away every moment
– i.e. me eagerly counting down the days for march 20th so we can move into our new apartment – instead of just loving the day we’re in?

It could have something to do with our discontent;
winters too cold
 summer is too hot,
 work is too ehh,
Monday is to ugghhh.

Quite frankly I’m over it.

We are in a constant state of go go go,
equally avoiding boredom & liveliness.

Constantly seeking to vocalize the most current dissatisfaction.
What an ugly trend that we’ve been adhering to.
Not taking time to stop and admire the snow,
to stop and admire life.

I write this knowing full well I’ve touched on this topic before,
but I’ll write about it as much as need be until I practice what I preach.

To enjoy the snow,
the Mondays,
the workdays,
the rainy days,
and soak them up for all their worth.

‘ cause soon enough these moments like the snow,
will too soon melt away on a nearly spring day
and we’ll look back realizing  
we spent all of our time unhappy where we’re at
 waiting for the next best thing,
and if we’re not careful we wont only have missed the  beauty of winter,
but also the beauty of spring.