Some day’s are all fun and games
Some day’s your scheduled to work on the weekend
but SOME days, work & fun collide.

Now if you know me at all you know I have the life approach
that only boring people get bored, there is always fun to be had,
even in the most lackluster of environments

Fortunately, Sunday night’s work environment required no extra effort to have fun,
because I was privileged to work as a server for a wedding
 (I suppose I can semi-cross off “crash a wedding” off my bucket list) .

What a treat to be in such a breathtaking venue, to cry as the couples shared their vows, & to cheer + while the couple was lifted in their chairs while others danced round them hand in hand in a circle whilst singing Hava Nagila ( looks like I can also cross off  “watch the traditional Hava Nagila Dance at a wedding off my bucket list  **sidebar I’ve decided everyone should do this at their wedding or birthdays or any given day of the week really maybe just to amp up their office life because it looked SO FUN )!

Naturally I couldn’t help but think back to the day we got married, a significant beautiful venue, our vows, and our rendition of a circle dance where we sang about watching the waves OLHA A ONDA.

As I sit here writing and reflecting, so much of that day seems like a blur
 but SO much is remembered and hasn’t gone unnoticed.

 I couldn’t help but thank God for our marriage, and as I prayed I thought what can I do?
 what can I convey in writing? The day we got married was so long ago does it matter?

after working at that wedding I felt so convicted to write about celebration, vows, 

I’ve covered the celebration bit
Here comes the vows
I’ve typed them out so that you may read the words Greg & I shared
to each other before God & our guests.
in hopes that in some way it would encourage you

  his vows to her:
Late in the evening of February 23rd 2012 you called me & forever changed my life. “So what’sup”? you eagerly asked, confused because you called me I said ” I don’t know you called me”. After a brief pause you said (somewhat awkwardly might I add) ” So uh… are you talking to anyone”? Not wanting to jump to conclusions my response was, “what do you mean”? CLICK.
My heart was racing, how did she just hang up?! I quickly redialed & the rest is history.
While our relationship has not been one of perfection, it has been one of growth; mental growth, emotional growth, & spiritual growth. Thressa, you bring out the best in me, & when I’m with you I strive to be the man God made me to be. I can’t promise that things will always be peachy; but I can promise to love you unconditionally, to forever stay by your side as we work through things, and to cherish you like the rare & beautiful flower that you are. Thressa, I also promise to do my part in keeping us rooted in God & His word. As long as we keep God at the center there will not be anything we can’t overcome; like Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 4:12, ” A person standing alone can be attacked & defeated, but 2 can stand back to back and conquer. 3 are even better, fora triple stranded cord is not easily broken. Proverbs 18:22 reads. ” The man who finds a wife finds a treasure”. Thressa, you are my treasure, you are my best friend, and now it’s truly a blessing to say; You are my wife ! I love you !
her vows to him:
  I,Thressa Donnelly Da Silva choose to commit to you Robert Gregory Irving the third in this Christ centered covenant that is marriage. As your wife I vow to love you when you’re unlovely, whether that entails a warm embrace or telling you like it is.  I vow  to make you laugh in the face of adversity as I forever remind you how big our God is!  I vow to keep you aware of the endless provision & presence of God in our life when we find ourselves in the murky waters. I vow that my words would honor you in all circumstances and to have my actions only be a reflection of how God would treat you.
 I vow to keep it simple, to be a crying shoulder when everything is meant to be broken and to restore you in who God says you are. I vow to point you to the cross in the way we laugh love forgive teach adventure challenge eat heal learn speak sleep so that in everything you would see Jesus in me. I vow  to be a small sanctuary of trust forgiveness and refuge. I vow to team up with you in raising our family to serve the Lord. I vow to extend an invitation for all those who walk into our lives to see a glimpse of our sweet Jesus and feel at home in our midst. And finally as the years go by despite the change & routine we may face I commit to living with the same zeal / expectation in each day of being married to you as our first date in DC. That in every moment you would know I’m your Thressa like a tree and we are ever growing in the marriage that is rooted nourished  and flourished through the unconditional love of Jesus making this promise richer and deeper. Eu te amo. 

They are us.
They are BIG promises that are HARD
 and we fall short of them on the reg,
but we serve an even BIGGER JESUS who goes with us & makes it easy
who provides us with grace & strength everyday
 to try love each other with a fraction of how He loves us
#hallelujahforforgiveness #realtalk #marriagekeepsyouhumble

 another life approach I have: people love to know they matter & are appreciated

  The day we got married we briefly said a generic heartfelt thanks to everyone
& got onward with the celebration,

 but today we took time (12 minutes worth to be exact) to specifically
call out our appreciation for so many of you 

Thus this video was created a long overdue THANKS to each of you <3
**special thanks to those who got a nice lil sun burn or a lil toasty in the sun that’s on me (half sorry bout that) I prayed for sunshine & God went above and beyond =)

Mr.Gregory & Mrs. Thressa Irving Say THANK YOU

(one more minute for pittsburgh & CCP )

FALLIN for Lancaster

Greg and I have been living in Lancaster for the past six months and four days. 
With each passing day we are reminded why God brought us here.
Usually these posts include photos of an elaborate weekend or from a special event that we have the privilege to be a part of, but today’s photos just feature the simple beautiful of our everyday livin here.
We are learning the worth in blooming where we are planted, we have the privilege of working jobs where we are able & encouraged tomaximize our truest self so that others may know their worth & that they’re loved, we experience laughter regularly with a camp friend turned unexpected real life friend who we love so much and are so thankful for her friendship humor reliability & wisdom, we are feeling heavy hearts for the people we serve who God adores,and we are blown away by this city-farm life dynamic we are exposed to … Thankful that we don’t have to pick and choose. Briefly stopping for a brief moment this glorious sunny brisk fall day to say this blogger is still present , ever thankful for the extraordinary of everyday, & whether I like to admit it or not We have FALLEN for this city !


WHY am I writing?
WHY are you reading this ?

This past weekend we came full circle and celebrated the end of summer how we started it
at a beach house on Point Pleasant Beach on the Jersey shore

but WHY do you care?
WHY do I bother  to share?
WHY do I take pictures to document the occasion?
WHY as I people watched at the beach did I find 4 out of 5 people who walked passed me
 had their smart device in hand visible for all people watchers to notice
( no doubt that person 5’s smart device was in their pocket)

our society’s dependency on technology is evident
we all know there is an unhealthy attachment to technology
I’m sure this generations thumbs will be extra sore& eyes will be extra strained

this weekend enjoying my family and the beach I tried to figure out WHY.

Saturday morning I walked onto the porch to watch the sunrise with Bryann
 (as Greg watched from the bed )
The next morning I missed it and was devastated,
my brothers friend Ben effortlessly responded with; “the sun rises without your help”

it hit me
he wasn’t being condescending, just being matter of fact

It got me thinking,
we don’t want to miss out
at least Greg & I don’t
we’ve each been diagnosed with  a serious case of F.O.M.O. ( fear of missing out )
I want to see it all and do it all
and share my joy with everyone 
not a rub it in peoples face kinda way
that’s not my style
but rather a look i’m alive but most importantly I’m living

one of my favorite authors once wrote
TO LIVE IS THE RAREST THING IN THE WORLD some simply exist that is all. – Oscar Wilde

But when I see the sunrise & sunset
it does its thing EVERY DAY
without anyone’s help or acknowledgement
it rises it sets  
extravagantly as if effortlessly
around the world, in different times & hues

may we be a people who does our thing everyday.
who looks deep down into the word & up high to the son.
may we be a people who does not roll our eyes
 as a person is wrapped up in their picture taking or social media
but extravagantly and effortlessly approach them in love,and ask WHY
 humanity is itching to be seen and heard , wont you take the hint
may we be a people who rise & set each day 
glowing, whether anyone wakes up to see it or not.

Unlike the sun  what sets us apart
is sometimes we need other peoples help
sometimes you need the words of a rookie blogger
to remind you not to exist but to LIVE
to take time to understand people who frustrate you to no end,
because we’re all trying to sort out our voice and place in this world
and that happens in different hues and time frames for everyone.

wow I didn’t realize how mushy and ” world peace” this piece of writing was gonna be
that was not my intent my intent was to convey strength
& to not condemn people but rather get down to the heart of the WHY
but now that I think about it, I did just that.

There is strength in setting each night & rising each day.
There is strength in glowing when nobody’s around to appreciate it.
There is strength in loving people in their hue
There is strength in displaying;
your innermost thoughts
your attempts at capturing a moment in your life & inviting others into it
your creative outlet (photographs, paintings, writings, songs, videos, etc.) via social media
… even if that outlet happens to be a selfie stick.

at the end of the day
we all come full circle
sunrise sunset
the sun may not need our help to do its thing
but our marriages WHY is to spread Jesus’ love
by equipping others to do their thing

so hopefully in the slightest of ways this post enables you to do just that
or in the very least shifts the way you view the next sunrise + sunset


brendan + greg’s face = hahahha

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