721; a month in the life AUGUST

 feeling : refreshed

learning: righteous anger 

practicing: picking people wisely

” People inspire you or they drain you, pick them wisely”  Hans F. Hansen
mastering:  blessing & praying for those who mistreat us      

eating: sorvete and lots of it !

listening: to that GPS getting me from point A to point B

to Bethel’s ‘ Ever Be’

to Jesus Culture’s ‘ Unstoppable Love’

to  JT’s ‘ Can’t Stop the Feeling”

playing: POKEMON GO …24/7

finishing :  F R I E N D S 

(Greg & I started the series when we first got married 
and have paced ourselves, 
and now as we approach the end of our second year of marriage
we’re approaching the end of season 10 )

reading :  Behind  the Beautiful Forever’s by Katharine Boo
watching : LAST WEEK TONIGHT ( with Greg its our new favorite)

Pokemon Indigo League ( thank you Netflix)

wearing : sundresses &bikini’s (me)

                                 Hawaiian Shirts & Havaiana’s(Greg’s)

working : on my writing

walking : all over town, 
across states
 and beaches

on a quest to #catchemall

realizing : the brevity of life
traveling : to Croton Point Park, NY GLAMPING 😉 for our 2 year

to Cape Cod, MA

to Hershey, PA for BLINK -182 with some VIP

to Slide the City

to Vermont

desiring : a certain opportunity to unfold

celebrating: our 2 year anniversary
in T-8 days !