Husband and Techie

Born in Harrisburg, PA and educated in Nyack, NY where he met Thressa. Greg is a technophile who loves the thrill and challenge of taking on new technological endeavors.

He is currently living his dream, hosting this podcast, being married to Thressa and working customer support for You Need a Budget.



Wife and Writer

Born in Belleville, NJ and educated in Nyack, NY where she met Greg. Thressa is a logophile who aims to encourage others and lift them up through her words.

She is currently living her dream, parenting Lady, being married to Greg and working towards her Master's at William & Mary.

Who we are...

A fun loving couple that are exact opposites. Through our relationship, and oppositeness we are constantly stretching each other and growing in the way we love God and each other.

Each and every day is an adventure and brings new fun, challenges, and adds to our Count Up.