Come On In

As we were packing up this weekend,
preparing to bid farewell to our humble abode
-this blessing of an apartment that was our first home-
I was contemplating how much Mr.Realist & I love having people over.

It’s such a sincere joy of ours,
 to welcome people into our lives,
and no matter where they come from
 or how long they’ve known us,
 to be able to provide them with an escape out of unfamiliar & into the beauty of  H O M E
is our privilege.

That’s when the idea struck me.
As I picked up the camera to capture stills of these rooms
that were once filled with warmth, peace, and laughter
I realized in the span of the next 11 days,we’re only gonna have 2-4 more guests here.

Which bummed me out only for a split second,
because  I realized,
even though we couldn’t manage to have everyone
 -from near & far- that we would have loved to invite over into our home in 11 days,
we could invite them over via this blog.

So come on in, the doors open.

A simple prayer for our home & our guests
Kick off your shoes & stay a while =)

First stop, the make shift foyer, to make a 12 ft X 3ft hallway a bit bigger.

The site where Greg tackled the feat of doing dishes upon dishes & our Cafe Bustelo woke us up
Limited kitchen space makes for maximized teamwork <3, but it’s here in this petite – where we have to cook with the window open- kitchen where the delicious meals our guests ask for 3rds& 4ths of are made.

Since our honeymoon we’ve managed to sleep under a fan, so from now on I’ll be partial to ceiling fans in the bedroom.

The view we treasured overlooking the Hudson River.

Our Reading nook, where we set up our record player & reminders to continue traveling.

As you can see  I got this idea^ mid packing. In any case this was the backdrop for our dining space, where we thanked God for our lives, our food & all our guests we had a privilege to serve and welcome into our home.

Our Kitchenette for storing the drinks, snacks, sweets, & tea for guests and ourselves.
The very well lived in living room, complete with 6’2′ ceiling- yes Greg has to hunch over to fit.

Our Lovely tree; filled with childhood memories & advent ornaments.

Some photo albums & games b/c in the wise words of Rich & Suzy “A couple that plays together, stays together”


Oh &of course last but not least, our spare oom .

This is our lives compressed into one room

Now you see why having you coming over via blog was a must, because with all this going on, there would be no other way.

SHOUTOUT to special guest Kristy who lovingly – as usual, she does everything with so much love – kept Greg & I focused on the task at hand.

Them laughing at my nonsense, and for exaggerations sake throwing my life away
1.”T,What are you gonna do with  ____” -Greg  
2.”Garbage“- Kristy
 3.”Nooo, I can um____” -Thressa
 4.* Item gets tossed* ( Repeat X’s 100)

After a whole lot of tossing,wrapping,& storing we finally reached  this point.Furniture ready to go. Our bags are packed.

Hallelujah, a 24 hour project complete,we’re ready to move out today!

Tchau gente! 

Thanks for stopping by our 1st home as Mr.Realist & Mrs.Dreamer Irving
This was the first time we’ve had the pleasure of hosting via blog ( feeling pretty techy not gonna lie), but we can’t wait to have you over for real in our next humble abode…
 wherever that is !

Rooted in Love,
Mr. Realist & Mrs. Dreamer Irving

The Things We'll Leave, & The Things We'll Take With Us.

Early yesterday morning before Greg left for work, he asked me if I could start packing.

Though a naturally excitable person about moving- and life in general –
 the early bird in me was nowhere to be found,
 so naturally I rolled over, pulled our duvet over my head, and drifted off into a deep sleep.
I woke up to a beautiful thing, 
the inescapable truth that our two worlds had collided , 
the dream had become real and in the words of Billy Joel,
that we shouted out with glee – and perhaps a bit off key 😉 – upon hearing the news,
we’re MOVIN’ OUT !!!! 
So  I sprung out of bed, grabbed my coffee, 
and walked into our wardrobe-less spare oom.
Let filling moving boxes upon moving boxes begin
and may the odds of not breaking anything be ever in my favor.

As I laugh to myself suddenly I begin to recall something.
I can’t shake the feeling of something …someone …
 a muffled instruction I heard, just before entering that deep sleep, …what wa-
 it was Greg’s voice… ru-roh,but what did he say??
As I tried really hard to backtrack & to remember the words he spoke,
 I reached that moment where I just had to give up trying to remember, 
then just like that, it came to me, as it often does,
 immediately following the instant you stop trying. ( sidebar: the human brain never ceases to amaze me)
” Remember to only pack what we really need,
 and throw as much as you can away
This can be a tricky feat for a woman married to a man, much more simple & practical then she.
A man who would be quite content to live off of PB & J alone.
Now I’m no hoarder but I like things & the memories attached to them.
Who’s to say what fits the quota for what is “necessary”, 
isn’t measuring ones “need” rather relative.
In any case the task was assigned, so I did what I do best when I procrastinate: I ponder.

So what do we leave behind, what do we take?
Think like a realist; what is essential, beneficial, and useful?
What are the things that contribute to enhancing our quality of life?
Doesn’t sound half bad this beloved realist of mine perhaps has a method to his madness
( it is not only the dreamers who are mad)
and by saying so little, he has said so much.

For I can’t ask myself these questions & remain in the realm of materialistic things.
As much as it can exist now in the 21st century, 
I teleport to a realm of memories,experiences, & lessons we’ve learned in our 1st home.

Filtering out 

The Things We’ll Leave Behind ;
  •  fear
  • worry
  • pride
  •  frustrations 
  • doubt
  • control
  • anxiousness
  • miscommunications
  • insecurity
  • stress
Remembering our moments of frailty & humanity, having to cling onto our roots
 – our Unshakable Love – 
when we found we had ran ourselves dry & cold.
Remembering our Unshakable Love; is our supply, light, and nourisher.
Remembering instances of provision, joy, and relentless hope.
The Thing’s We’ll Take With Us 
  •  instances of provision
  •  love
  •  kindness
  • gratitude
  • trust
  •  forgiveness
  • laughter
  • understanding
  •  hope
  • prayer
  •  friendship
  • adventure
I wonder what life would be like if we were as intentional on what we pack into our hearts each day,
 as we are to pack when deciding what we’ll take and leave behind for the move.
So I’m still here .
As are the boxes, 
some now filled; with pots, pans, tupperware, dishware, and all kinds of kitchen tools.
Yet some boxes remain to be filled, 
because the clock doesn’t slow down, life doesn’t stop, we keep changing & learning.
Sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard way
 ….and maybe you’re really living each day 
when you’re figuring out more of the stuff to take with you
 and more of what to leave behind.
We’re meant to constantly grow
Our final two weeks here; we’ll be living.
We will find some last minute throw away’s that tried to sneak their way in,
as well as making last minute memories that will keep us young for years to come.
Some boxes empty, some full….
Our hearts full of the memories made, lessons learned, thing’s we’ll keep.
And the trash bin…
overflowing with the things we’ll leave behind.
Rooted in Love,
Mrs. Dreamer Irving

Moments- that felt like eternity- in the unknown.

The raw & unedited words from my heart, into my journal-
 moments before rejoicing in discovering the news of our upcoming move to PA

– & now published for the public:

3:44pm 12/15/14

Today is the day.
Oh Lord so much anticipation, the suspense fills the air.
Waiting, eating, nail polish peeling…
every moment S L O W L Y awaiting our upcoming fate.
Embodying every bit of Jack Johnson’s Sitting. Waiting. Wishing.
We’ve equated this time of waiting to the last time we were anticipating,
specifically 2 weeks before our wedding.
Similarly, we’re excited & eager to discover
what will come of this moment, how will things play out?
We ponder these things together & separately
 each second feeling like a minute, and every minute an hour.

Interestingly enough, as slow & slugish as time goes by.
The moment we receive the news, our minds
the realist & dreamer
will race a mile a minute.

What a relief to know we’re committed to following the Lord’s direction; no matter what.
What peace to confide
 in the maker of time, opportunity, & all good gifts !

Que cera cera,  what will be will be.

It’s exhilerating to be given a circumstance to respond to the overlying question,
Do you trust ME? ” & say “we do“!

One way or another in the next 1/2 hour to hour,
we will have all the i’s  dotted, t’s crossed, and blank’s _________ filled in.

This moment of not knowing is one of the best experiences we’re givenon earth: to NOT know.
To HAVE to wait, to HAVE completely no control, & to just LINGER with an excruciatingly  inexplicable faithful sense of expectation.

Well the latter of the 3 isn’t as frequently experienced,
but it surely describes how I’m spending my sitting. waiting. wishing.

*Lingering* with an excruciatingly inexplicable faithful sense of expectation…

Only time will tell, currently only God know’s
but in time- minutes or perhaps even seconds- the unknown will be revealed
& hopefully we’ll be embodying every bit of another song
everything has changed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More to come,but that’s ^ all for now !

Rooted in Love,
Mrs. Dreamer Irving