1 year ago today

A year ago today
I ventured out and started this blog
originally Mr.Realist &Mrs.Dreamer
then rebranded to Irving’s Count Up

It’s been wonderful & life giving
In intentionally taking time to reflect and give thanks my quality of life has been enhanced
I’ve been able to see God at work in my life, friendships, and marriage
piecing everything together,
reminding me the most important aims of this life
and that I am not at it alone.

It’s been refreshing and rewarding
& each time I write my prayer is;
that one person may breath a little easier
or learn something sooner
or be encouraged in one way or another.

That is why I’ve been writing and continue writing this past year
how marriage like all moments of life are all about the count up & telling the truth of the gospel
& if you’ve been following along I hope any of these words I’ve compiled together
have spoken to the depths of your soul

and in celebration of 1 year of blogging
I am asking for feedback.
PLEASE feel free to
intentionally reflect on any previous post of mine you’ve read 
and tell me how ( if it all) its impacted you this year.

( if its something you’d rather not others read email me directly at thressa.irving@gmail.com )

and journeying along as we count up…

let the feedback begin <3



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