Around 5 o’clock our time and 1 o’clock in the states (it’s about 4 hours time difference in the states) Greg and I decided to stretch our legs some to explore the airport a bit.

We had already familiarized ourselves with the general lay out, scoped out the location of the futuristic washrooms and staked out a cozy resting space to claim as our own.

We, after streamlining through the several eateries filling the air with the alluring aroma of hot savory cooked meals, stumbled into the airport’s Duty Free Gift Shop

*mind you at this point we had been consuming only Cliff bars, Lara Bars and Kind bars…. so naturally our mouths were watering at the smell of real food…thus the streamlining*

We enjoyed seeing Icelandic beer, lava salt, their adorable national bird the puffin ( in stuffed animal form), Icelandic candy, Iceladic wool sweaters along with other Icelandic handcrafted goods.

Perhaps the most relaxing part of this little promenade was The Blue Lagoon portion of The Duty Free Shop. The Blue Lagoon is a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula located in Southwestern Iceland. It geothermal waters are rich in minerals like silica. Greg and I will be going to the ACTUAL Blue Lagoon on the last leg of our trip.

But today, we went to the Blue Lagoon portion of The Duty Free Gift Shop.
There were various Blue Lagoon products for sale as well as samples available.
What particularly caught my eye were the Blue Lagoon Masks labeled try me.
Mud Mask, Silica Mask, and Algae Mask.

Between the 3 I chose to sample the algae mask because the other two were included in our package during our ACTUAL Blue Lagoon Visit.
I jumped right in and began applying the mask to my face.

Greg was mortified at first, but the bottle did say try me and in order to “Try Me” properly I needed to test run the algae mask. Then I further made a case for myself by saying “Greg if they didn’t want you to try it and fully apply the mask to your face, why would they have conveniently placed this sink and mirror right here”?

Logic is always my weapon of choice when it comes to convincing Greg to do anything he’s initially hesitant of.

He can’t resist logic.

And with that use of logic,next thing you know he’s joining in and applying his own Blue Lagoon (airport edition) algae mask.

Then all of a sudden the representatives of the store call security on us for using the free samples of the algae mask! We were escorted out of the gift shop!

Nah just kidding, but can you imagine what a story that would be?!

I will say this our faces felt so refreshed after that algae mask experience, that I am even more so excited to experience the real thing on Friday with Greg!

After washing our faces from the algae masks we ventured off to find a new resting place to switch up the scenery.
Corner cushioned seats facing a map of Iceland felt like such a victory!
We napped, watched Despicable Me 2, and then it was time.

One of my favorite times of day.

Dinner time.

For dinner we decided to grab Pylsur’s.

Apparently Iceland is famous for their hotdogs.

I’m not kidding

It just happened to also be the most budget friendly eating option in the airport,
so win win.

Icelandic hotdogs are made with free range, grass finished, hormone free, Icelandic lamb meat.

They were served on a warm steamed bun with raw onions, crispy fried onions, Pylsusinnep ( a sweet brown mustard ), Remoulade ( a sauce that is made with capers, mayo, mustard, and herbs) and of course ketchup!

It did not disappoint at all they were very tasty and the perfect dinner to kickoff our international adventure!

Thankful to get such a delicious taste of Iceland without hurting the wallet.

I’ve actually included some pictures of the Pylsur’s we ate as well of the Remoulade, Pysusinnep, and the lamb meat sausages!
So if anybody wants to me to bring the Icelandic Hot Dog experience home so they can partake in the delicacy just let me know.

In the meantime we’ll be here.

Face’s refreshed.

Bellies satisfied.

With only 6 hours remaining to this layover people =) !

Then look out London here we come!

Stay Tuned,
Thressa & Greg… and Baby Irving

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