Growing up with 3 brothers we were often aprontando.

A Portuguese word that was a regular part of my parents vocabulary.

Aprontando, it meant we were up to something, specifically something that we shouldn’t be.

Something that more often than not would get us into trouble.

On rare occasions, when we weren’t aprontando we were doing something else.

Something that we in present day society don’t practice too much.

Something I’ve found we avoid at all costs and don’t allow ourselves to be .


I remember as a child saying to my Mãe, “ Mãe eu tou bored”.

And she would just go about her business quickly stating in Portuguese “ Good, being bored is for you. Be bored”.

I remember feeling like that’s your advice ? What a rip off!

As a child I never understood how in the world being bored was good for you and why my querida mamãe was telling me this.

Fast forward to present day.

Greg and me right now.

Sitting in the Keflavik Airport on our 18 hour layover.

Yes 18 long… slow…boring hours.

And it is so good for us.

Not fun.

Just good.

Here’s why; life is full of long slow and boring so we might as well get used to it.

I personally love to run from one fun adventure to the next…

( I suppose I never quite grew out of the whole aprontando thing.)

 but I’ve learned when we rush out on boredom we miss out on being.

Sometimes we just have to be bored.

When we are bored we face awkward lulls head on.

We stare at walls.

Look up at the sky.

People watch.


{ ^ That’s the hardest/bravest one for me.

To just BE  left alone with my thoughts, giving them the airtime the need and not just washing them out or watering them down with whatever form of entertainment I choose to occupy myself with (ranging from scrolling on social media to burying myself in my reading). That requires a lot of will power from me,but every time I choose to confront my contemplations when I’m bored, I usually end up breathing a little lighter. I feel more in touch with myself and sometimes it leads to a fantastic side effect of boredom…creating. For example, creating this blog posts after sitting in my thoughts and contemplating for a good hour and a half).

Don’t get me wrong.

I THRIVE off the moments in life that are fast paced, gallivanting from one adventure to the next.

Spontaneous, adrenaline rush seeking, quenching my wanderlust even if just a little moments are my JAM.

Whenever I can I try to fill my life and our marriage with moments like these.

But you want a glimpse into our real every day life?

You want to know what sustains and strengthens making the adventures richer and worthwhile?

It’s a whole lot of :

the slow.

the boring.

the mundane.

It’s the taking turns sleeping on each others laps on the plane during our overnight flight.

It’s Greg searching high and low throughout the airport for water fountains for me because I was parched after our overnight flight …only to discover there are none, so he returns with a tall disposable plastic cup of Icelandic Tap water.

( yes it was some of the best,if not THE BEST, tap water I’ve ever had)

It’s thinking about our dog, how much we miss her and wish we could get her a passport to bring her here with us

It’s filling up our bags with Cliff,Kind, and Lara bars… only to discover  I was not a fan of the cranberry almond Kind bar, but thankfully the chocolate peanut butter Lara bar was much more appetizing.

It’s Greg sleeping on my lap with my scarf covering his eyes because of the massive skylights that pour natural light into this Icelandic airport and me staring at the wall and sky trying to make sense of my thoughts as I sit here…with my thoughts facing boredom head on like a boss… on this now 16 hour lay over.

We are thankful for this trip, it’s going to be so much fun,

but in the meantime it’s not.

In the meantime it’s boring.

It’s boring, but its good.

As you follow our blog posts as we travel to England and Iceland, let me reiterate, don’t be deceived.

There is plenty of slow and boring and mundane in our life as well as marriage.

We need it all.

The boring. The slow. The mundane.

Somehow it wonderfully manages to sustain and strengthen our lives and marriages making

The fun. The fast. The adventure

richer and more worthwhile.

Enjoy these pictures of Greg and me on our trip so far,including some snapshots of our boring 18 hour layover.

Because sometimes life is slow and boring,

and that is a freaking sweet gift.

I encourage you to be bored today, don’t rush out of it just SIT IN IT, be bored!

Stare at a wall. Look up at the sky. Contemplate.

After all like my Mãe was trying to teach me so many moons ago;

being bored is good for you.

(Also baby Irving has been kicking while Ive been typing away sharing my heart.  I’m taking that as a secret baby signal to keep writing about our trip and sharing it here on Irving’s Count Up blog.)

Stay Tuned,

Thressa & Greg… and Baby Irving

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