Unfinished business.

t’s uncrossed, i’s undotted.

A part of who I am loves starting things.

That’s kind of my jam.

I have a million little different ideas that I get really excited about…

and finishing very few of them.

For example, a T-shirt quilt I started making in January of 2015…

has 3 and a half t-shirt squares still to be sewn onto the T-shirt quilt

out of 9 t-shirt squares .

Ask me if I even own a needle and thread right now? Nope.

This  post alone has taken me 4 days in row of

starting and stopping

starting and stopping

starting and stopping.

starting and stopping.

But in this process of becoming the best version of myself

I’m trying to train myself into this discipline of focusing and finishing.

In both the little things and the big things.

I’m trying to workout these follow through muscles of mine,

that are existent but very selective and minuscule.

So here we are

attempt number 5

turning back time to:

The Lands 

( what Greg and I called our trip to Iceland and England)

During that trip I had said I would post about our entire trip.

What ended up happening was I posted twice during our layover in Iceland,

once after our first day in London,

and then I didn’t post anymore about our trip like I said I would.

Granted I was occupied living in the moment and enjoying our trip,

but we’ve been back home for a month now

and I still have yet to follow through.

The ability to finish what you start is a skill I admire.

And though I don’t find it always necessary to finish what you start

( i.e. a plate of food thats making you sick, a movie/show that isn’t quality, etc.)

generally I find something admirable, rewarding, and holistic to it.

So here we are.

Here I am.

Attempting to get my little follow through work out on,

by finishing posting about our trip to The Lands.

Day 1404

My baby brother Brucie had been backpacking through Europe this summer.

It was such a treat for me and Greg to spend some time gallivanting through London with him.

Traveling is such a wonderful experience and one of the best things you learn from traveling, is that its the people who are alongside you as you venture off that makes all the difference.

This was probably one of my favorite days in London because of the sheer amount of new experiences with some of my oldest friends.

St. Paul’s CathedralIMG_6062.jpg



The Tower of London


The Tower Bridge




Street PeanutsIMG_6323.jpgIMG_6320.jpg

Millennium Bridge




Shakespeares Globe Theater




The Anchor (A picturesque English  pub near the Globe Theater that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of, so we decided to go in and eat there for lunch)








Bruce getting hit by the tube door (This was such a funny moment when we were catching the tube to Kings Cross Station and Bruce tried to hold the tube for us by sticking out his arm to stop it. Problem is in London the tube stops for no one. So the door closed on him, leaving Greg me and the tube attendant cracking up)


Platform 9 3/4





Picadilly Circus


Black Swan Ballet in Trafalgar Square

Dinner and Dessert with Bryann in London’s SOHO

Day 1405 

Brucie hugged us real tight before he ventured off the last leg of his trip first to Amsterdam, then followed by Israel.

Meanwhile Greg and I headed over to Save the Children to grab a bite to eat with Bryann. I enjoyed a traditional twist on England’s Yorkshire Pudding,making it a friendly option to eat on the go: Yorkshire Burrito.

Absolutely massive


and delicious.

We geeked out at the British Museum finding the original Rosetta Stone and explored Covent Garden, and my particular favorite corner of Covent Garden being the vibrant in color, plant life, and small businesses: Neal’s Yard.

Greg had never been to a LEGO store in a big city so it was really fun to make a stop in LEGO London!

This days adventures confirmed our essentials for a successful day of traveling:

  • Water is life.
  • There’s always time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Pace yourself (we walked at least 10 miles each day and knew we wouldn’t be able to do EVERYTHING but wanted to take the time to enjoy where we were.
  • Customize your travel experience to cater to what you would like to see and do.
  • A nice hot meal at the end of a big travel day paired with a relaxing shower and incredibly comfortable place of rest sets you {and whoever you’re traveling with} up to be feeling alive and refreshed for the next day.

British Museum

Neal’s Yard

LEGO London

Day 1406

Our last day in London was well spent at the Imperial War Museum, Hyde Park ( the Central Park of London), and walking through the very posh areas of London: Kensington/Chelsea/Victoria.

Exhausted ? Absolutely

Memories for life? Hopefully

Thankful? Infinitely

Imperial War Museum

* After the Imperial War Museum we got the bus to Hyde Park, but what isn’t pictured is a hysterical moment. Greg was standing in the middle of the road to get the bus to stop but it straight up rolled right past him.

A local said that was an awfully cheeky of the bus driver to do that. It feels so good to laugh so hard.

Hyde Park

From Hyde Park to Chelsea to Victoria Station

Day 1407

After catching the bus in Victoria station to the airport – and buying Baby Irving their very first gift from us – we boarded our flight to Iceland. We slept in the airport overnight and spent from 7 am to 3pm at the geothermal ice blue hot spring surrounded by volcanic rock.

We had strawberry and blueberry Icelandic Skyr smoothies, napped in luxury, sipped … okay chugged the purest most refreshing water I have ever drank in my life , and applied two rounds of the Blue Lagoon’s mineral rich mud masks. Afterwards our skin felt absolutely amazing! So exfoliated so smooth!

After showering and leaving the most luxurious spa we’ve been to you can imagine our appetite.

We were hungry and were headed to fill up our rental car’s gas and just eat an Icelandic hot dog on the way back to the airport.

Suddenly, as Greg was filling up the tank, out of the corner of my eye I spotted:

ISSI Fish and Chips food truck .

The Cod fish were caught fresh that morning and the portion sizes were so dreamy, and the price was even dreamier

which is especially rare in Iceland.

Truly Greg and I agreed it was so delicious and somehow it was the best fish and chips of our entire trip to The Lands.

And with that, my handful of readers the seemingly impossible feat of finishing what I start, is achieved.

With a brief blurb for each day of our trip,

and a corresponding multitude of photos for each day of our trip,

I finished what I started.

For people like me, who struggle to finish what they start… it feels like simultaneous weight lifted off my shoulders and immense pat on the back.

Though our trip to The Land’s was officially a month and a half ago, today is meaningful and encouraging because I finished a feat that at times seemed daunting and insurmountable.

What’s great about Greg is that since we returned from The Land’s he consistently and graciously reminded me

to write,

to finish the post,

to continue.

Thank you Greg for your gentle and sometimes annoying way of loving me by encouraging me to do what I love, even if it takes doing what I don’t enjoy : finishing what I start.

This trip with you was such a






Which has me thinking in so many ways

about the next trip

we’re about to journey on together

in October:


It’s gonna be





And most definitely a growing- experience.

But oh how relieved I am to be taking this trip with you.

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