We have lived side by side as husband and wife for the past 1,462 days.

This past year I thought would be marked by the way Greg worked tirelessly to put me through grad school.

He supported me emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically as I pursued my masters of education.

During our fourth year of marriage, he worked ALL the jobs,

putting in so much time and energy

to see this dream of mine

becoming a master teacher

come true .

As I write this,

I’m extremely thankful I married a man

who goes out of his way

to put in the work

to make my dreams come true.

But plot twist,

that support of his




and valiant

P A L E S in comparison

to the way he’s supported me

supported us

since February

when we first found out we were expecting.

People know me to be a bit of a cheerleader.

Cheerleader Thressa;

expressive, apparent, animated, excitable

which is all well and good … and true.

But allow me to let you in on a best kept secret

Cheerleader Greg.

Very few have the luxury of experiencing cheerleader Greg.

His support is





and relentless.

It fascinates me.

Because his support is ever present

in spite of his tendency towards cynicism

in spite of his freak outs

in spite of his getting frustrated and being discouraged

in spite of the data he’s collected on what could go wrong/ what obstacles exist


Knowing all the cards

that are stacked against us

whether in grad school / pregnancy

… yet his support keeps going strong.

And it’s difficult for me,

who usually writes with such ease,

to put into words

to properly capture an adequate description

of Greg’s unwavering support.

Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary

as we’ve done in years past

with a symbolic gift that in some way encapsulates our 4th year of marriage.

What could mark this stage of our life properly?

What could help us remember this season of expectancy that we experienced for a majority of our 4th year?

This season that will change our lives and marriage forever.

We landed on a Willow Tree Figurine

of a husband and wife

holding each other

as they hold the womb of their unborn child.

And it was in this gift that I made the parallel.

It was in this gift I saw,

whether I was excited or terrified

how constant Greg’s support.

Together like the figurine says

our family is home.

So Greg anytime I look at this figurine, will I remember this season of expectancy we’re experiencing for the first time!


But even more so,

when I take a second glance

I wanna remember this 4th year

and how you Greg

carried me

through grad school


carried me

through this pregnancy,

like I’m carrying this child.

Like carrying a child, was it

wonderful at many points? 100%

But I also say that with a notion of how

extremely exhausting and costly

emotionally draining

physically demanding carrying is.

But still you carry

with love

with strength

with grace.

Thank you for carrying me,

it is an H O N O R

to be carrying the child of the man

who carries me in each & every day.

Day 1,462:

An anniversary well spent eating breakfast lunch and dinner together,

watching sunsets,

reading our vows,

recreating anniversary photos,

and eating Bumble pie

{ Fun Facts:

  1. Year 4 is the Fruit / Flower anniversary
  2. Greg didn’t know that but he made a spontaneous detour to Jamestown Pie Company for us to eat dessert pie on the beach as we read our vows.
  1. We got Bumble Pie ( blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry) and it was absolutely mouth watering . This place will be our new go to as they make all the important pies in life: Pizza Pies, Dessert Pie, and Pot Pie

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