Second trimester ( Weeks 13- 28)


Greg came back from work one day and with one whiff  detected the feijoada in the air and proclaimed  with relief “my wife is back”!

I chuckled because I knew we were both relieved to be entering into the second trimester.

Between me and Greg, I don’t know which of us was more thankful for me to have the desire to eat (for the most part) whatever I wanted, returned to me! Such a game changer for us..

As mentioned in our first trimester post, the limitations of what I wanted to eat were so challenging for me. I definitely cried and felt agitated (Greg always came in the clutch though serving me, making me smoothie after smoothie after smoothie… lentils…grilled cheeses…and even breakfast sausage patties). But that beautiful day Greg walked through the door and instantly knew his wife was back, we had Brazilian style rice, feijoada and frango milanesa.

I was so happy. Greg was happy. My belly was happy. 

Having an appetite was sure to set the three of us up for success in this second trimester.



At this point I felt like an expert in being able to pee in a cup, getting my blood drawn, and asking questions.

We had one appointment a month in this second trimester.

We were scheduled to have our third and final ultrasound in this trimester.  However, since I had gained little weight in the first trimester (presumably from the food aversions), they just wanted to make sure by having a fourth ultrasound in the third trimester, since during the second trimester the baby appeared to be in the 17th percentile.

It was in the second trimester Greg and I realized how brief pitstops at the nearby Chick-Fil-A had become an unintentional  part of our post appointment routine. We’re not mad about it =)


Energy Restored

Along with my appetite coming back, so did my energy!

It was wonderful to feel like myself again, especially given our babymoon that we went on to England/ Iceland where walked at the minimum of 10 miles a day. I realized quickly why it is so strongly recommended to do your traveling during that second trimester.

SHOWING – 20 weeks baby bump =)

I started showing during the second trimester which was pretty special because no matter how many days in this pregnancy go by I remain having denial that its actually real life.

My one friend hit the nail on the head when she said, Thressa I think you’ll only actually realize how real this is when that baby is in your arms.


Obviously one of the less glamorous of the symptoms, that was exhibited some in the first and certainly carried over to the second. Greg was such a trooper and I had to apologize to him time and time again.


Along with the second trimester came the cravings for the Brazilian food. Which Greg didn’t mind at all because I’d be in the kitchen making all the things I loved that my mom would make for me and my brothers growing up. We ate so well this second trimester. I ate large portions of food and it helped get out of that lower 17th percentile he or she was in during the beginning of the second trimester from the impact of the food aversions in the first trimester.


Aside from traveling to Iceland/England which you can read more about here, a huge highlight of the second trimester was telling the news to our families!

Second major highlight of the trimester for both Greg and me being able to feel the kicks and flips of baby Irving. It was exciting, emotional, and just a magical moment where I felt like our baby was saying so many things but most of all reminding us: Hi, I’m here!

Greg feeling baby kicking in Iceland.


Feeling Sad. Realizing the pregnancy was nearing an end because I’ve been having fun being pregnant. Truly I felt like such a maternal estrogen warrior life carrier

Alarmed. After I spent some time lingering in the sadness of this maternal estrogen warrior moments nearing an end, I then realized oh my gracious, after the second comes the third trimester! showtime

The Car Accident. I remember continually saying Im 24 weeks pregnant when the accident happened. I remember moments after the accident feeling so afraid that this was the end of our baby’s life. On the way to the emergency room . That was the most frightening moment of the second trimester, oh but tears of joy and sweet relief when we sat for hours in the hospital being monitored and all the nurses and the doctor had nothing but good news that the baby was safe.


Appointments: It was pretty incredible to see at each appointment (at least appointments with ultrasound) how the baby was getting bigger and bigger. We had to make sure at each appointment to specifically say that we DID NOT want to know the sex of the baby. As an aside: it’s funny how people seem to be so polarized over this, some can’t believe that anyone in their right mind would opt to keep it a surprise, while others think that it’s God’s last true surprise. In any case, we’re excited to just love our little one.

Memorable Moments: I’m not too sure what else I can add to what Thressa has already said, but I do know that I’m so grateful to have gotten the time abroad on our ‘babymoon’ and I’m even more grateful that Thressa and baby Irving were both safe in the car accident.

The Second Trimester in a Nutshell: Excited (that Thressa’s appetite was back in full effect). Grateful (that God spared my wife and baby in the accident). Exhausted (from our long and exciting trip to the Lands).

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