We’re in the final stretch.

As I write this we are T-minus 26 days from our estimated date of delivery.

Feeling all the feels, mostly a combination of feeling excited and antsy.

Life as we know it is about to change and of course we are grateful.

Enjoy the final post of this Trimester series where we somehow managed to sum up our experience of what this third trimester has been like for us. 

Granted we’re well aware we still have several weeks left until  “showtime” and until that time comes we are sure we will discover in the coming weeks what the third semester entails,

but until then enjoy reading about what we’ve discovered so far.

Irving’s Count Up is about to have a whole new meaning :

We love this onesie thanks D and Isaac!


The fourth ultrasound showed baby Irving is growing well, with a great heartbeat going strong, and has caught up in growth percentile, praise the Lord! 

Greg and I scheduled a hospital tour and we loved it. To see the amount of space and quality of care where we are going to labor and deliver provides us a huge sense of relief.

Greg and I attended a birthing class which was encouraging and educational (especially for Greg) it helped keep things in perspective and prepare us as a team for they baby Irving decides to make an appearance in this world.

Baby Irving is not in a breech position which is great news for delivery!


Growing wider and rounder.

  • It’s wild and beautiful, yet I still forget until I either look down, in the mirror or feel/see the baby do what baby likes to do best #babylikestomoveitmoveit

Shortness of Breath

  • Whether its climbing a fight of stairs, trying to walk and talk or bending over. Baby is taking up a significant amount of space pushing up all my insides, which makes sense because the shortness of breath is a result of my lungs not  having as much room to expand.

All I do is pee, pee, pee, no matter what.

  • Part of the baby taking up a lot of space includes pressing down on my bladder, which results in a lot of potty breaks throughout the day. Greg has really been entertained by this, and it’s been nice to just have him laugh and lighten the mood, because it’s become such an effort to get up and pee.


  • The waddle is real. Its just more comfortable, my body just naturally started doing that.  I feel like a penguin which is pretty fitting since we started this pregnancy by calling our baby Happy Feet.

Braxton Hicks

  • I’ll describe these as really intensified cramps. They come and go, and are very real reminders of what’s to come. Honestly it’s amazing all the ways that pregnancy prepares you for childbirth! 

Moody / Irritable

  • For example, we were in a grocery store I was just standing in the aisle sans cart beside Greg, and this lady said excuse me in a rather condescending tone. Listen she does not own the aisle, nor were we at all in her way. So I without missing a beat said to her, ” there is plenty of room in front of us and behind us, you can go around.”
  • Another example,  Greg and I are out and I notice people staring. I instantly think, yo why are these people staring me down. (They realize due to my lack of poker face that I’m giving them a look that says what’s your deal). They say ” We’re sorry for staring its just you’re such a cute pregnant woman! Congratulations!”

Constantly Hot

  • Greg has been LOVING this because though I’m naturally warm blooded, this symptom is certainly heightened in this last phase of pregnancy. I’m drinking all the ice water even as we soak up the sun. Also central air is a necessity to keep me cool and relaxed. But the ocean for sure has been so refreshing and done the trick not to mention taking the weight off.


  • Greg is gonna miss third trimester Thressa because he’s been having a blast watching my sweet tooth come out full throttle at all hours of the day. Impromptu pancakes for dinner instead of salad, or spontaneous requests for; waffles, cookies, ice-cream and chocolate milk!

Sore Lower Back

  • We learned in our birthing class about the relief of counter pressure on a pregnant woman lower back. I found myself walking around palms on the lower back area relieving myself of that lower back pressure.


Greg and I being able to not only feel the baby kick and move around, but actually see my stomach elevate/wiggle/do the wave in the parts where the baby was moving. I get it, it may sound weird to you, but as of right now for us its a magical reminder of the life inside me growing moving … and as we like to believe dancing.

Baby Showers … yes plural. 

We decided to have two, so the different people in our lives could join us in celebrating this upcoming adventure that is parenthood

Baby Shower 1 was held in NJ and thrown by my Mamāe.

Baby Shower 2 was held in VA  and thrown by Danielle and Suzy in Virginia. We really enjoyed both showers.

Everything about each shower was so different, but what each shower had in common was they both had us feeling really celebrated, supported, and encouraged by our friends and family.

Generally people are kind to the expecting. Its fascinating to discover this whole new world, this whole new experience of human beings showing kindness towards pregnant women. It’s been really fun to see strangers  celebrating with us!

Surprisingly one of the most awesome parts of being in my third trimester in the summer is not having to invest much into maternity clothes, cause lets be honest Im mostly wearing summer dresses.


I personally have found it true what is often said that the second trimester is often the best. I realized that at least for me, it’s because I was far less limited. I don’t often like limitations and it’s difficult to ask for help out of not wanting to inconvenience those around me. So what’s been difficult for me in this last trimester has been listening to my body. Whether that means taking the time to kick my feet up, laying on my side, asking for Greg to pick things up for me that I drop, etc.


Appointments: As Thressa mentioned, several weeks ago we took a tour of the maternity wing of the hospital. All I can say is ‘Wow’! We are so excited for Thressa to be able to deliver in a hospital that is so focused on the mothers to be and making the experience as smooth as possible.

Memorable Moments: During our VA Baby Shower, the guys of our small group were in charge of some outdoor games. In addition to ‘Pin the Epidural on the Pregnant Woman’, we played ‘The Pregnancy Olympics’. It was so much fun for the guys at the party (myself included) to strap a 9 pound water-filled beach ball to our stomachs and race to do ordinary things (putting on shoes and picking up toys). The game definitely provided for some laughs and was a light-hearted way to get a tiny glimpse into how things can get challenging for a woman once she is pregnant.

We’ve also been working hard to prep Lady for the arrival of the Baby. From Lady reading baby books, to giving her less attention, and even making her sleep in her crate. We’re really just trying to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible for everyone!

Prepping Lady for Baby Irving

The third Trimester in a nutshell: This pregnancy has really been a whirlwind. A whirlwind of events and emotions. We went from Thressa being in school/teaching full-time, to moving to a larger apartment, to traveling to NJ/PA and Europe, to making actual room preparations in our home for this soon to be nursery. Our emotions have ranged from super high with excitement to pretty low with irritability when we’re working on each others nerves. And all these changes have only led us to the biggest change which has yet to arrive.

This third trimester specifically is the one where things got real for me as the soon to be dad or Pai.

I’ve been studying my Portuguese with much more regularity. I put the carseat in the car after the baby shower. I set up the nursery with Thressa. I  learned all about the labor and delivery process during our childbirth class. Most of all it’s the trimester where I realized how important it is for me to support Thressa. 

We’re a team, we’ve always been since day one.

Even though we have no idea what this is gonna look like, Thressa  and me together, we can do anything.

As a Brazilian by marriage, I am super excited to dress our child in this jersey set.

Enjoying our last time in the water as a family of 2!

Addendum to

1st trimester:

We realized Greg taking care of me during the 1st trimester is great preparation for him to take care of a baby/parenting; sleeping, crying, hungry, etc. Truly there were so many parallels we laughed so hard together just thinking about it.

2nd Trimester:

I forgot to mention a few things in the second trimester post, that I wanted to mention:

  • La Croix substituted champagne for me.
  • Greg’s two sisters are also pregnant so our babies are all gonna be born in the same year and have cousins to play with !
  • My Cousin in Brazil is also expecting!
  • The second trimester I took the gestational diabetes test and thankfully do not have it!

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