As you may or may not know Greg and I decided to leave the gender of our baby a surprise.

To each their own.

We understand why people like to know and find out.

But for us, the thought of not knowing was enjoyable and freeing.

For us, knowing the gender throughout our pregnancy didn’t make a difference. Nope, not even for planning purposes.

We decided we only wanted to discover whether we were having a boy or a girl the day we were delivering. For us, discovering that way was such a special gift.

Our friends Jamel and Jamila beautifully described only finding out post delivery as one of the most purest and rewarding surprises.

Not knowing the gender of the baby is no excuse for a boring  berçàrio.

That being the case when putting together our berçàrio, we wanted it to be  functional, minimal-esque and fun!

We gave the room a dog theme to help us find a focus and hopefully to sway our child to love dogs as much as we do.

The room came together slowly piece by piece over the past few months, and yesterday we finished it!

Enjoy the photos of our baby’s berçário. I’ve written in some captions that include some background on the items we chose, as well as a hyperlink to where you can find them if anything captures your interest.

Our nursery is also doubling as a guest room
as we’re planning {with flexibility} for baby to be bedside co-sleeping
with us in our room for the first 6 months. 
Any visiting family + friends will sleep in this room.
We found this Jersey knit quilt and sham at target on CLEARANCE, but if you happen to love it as much as we did it’s also available for full price here . 
So this twin bed is for any guests visiting our soon to be family of 3.
Greg’s sister Alexa got us this 1st 2nd 3rd trimester frame that was on our registry. 
This just served as such a meaningful visual for us during this season of expectancy.
Every time we looked at the sonograms in the frame it helped keep it real that there is a real baby- our baby- growing in the womb. Also a target find available here.
We love the natural lighting this room gets.
We also used curtains we already had from Boscov’s that are great at blocking out light.
This beautiful crystal stone filled Tree of Life accessory dangling in front of the window,
was a gift from my best friend Grace for baby Irving after finding out we were expecting.  
Here’s a close up of the gift from Grace.
Normally the screen doesn’t impede with the sun shining through the crystals,
but we had the windows open to let that fresh fall breeze fill in our apartment.
 Greg and I made these dog Build-A-Bear’s for each other years ago and decided to place them on top of this Twinkle Twinkle Little Star storage bin (my Mamãe gifted us with) to help tie in the dog theme.
We were gifted this Babyletto Scoot Green Guard Gold Certified 3 in 1 crib from Greg’s grandma (who will go by Grammy to our baby).
We chose this crib for its safety, versatility, and modern design.
As we were registering for pieces for our nursery when we spotted this Pottery Barn Dog Mobile , we had our fingers crossed that someone would gift it to us. It even plays Mozart. Make no mistake we enjoy classical music sure, but we chose this mobile for the adorable yarn puppies that our baby will get to look at on the daily.
Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist who grew up in the favela’s of Rio.
I first discovered his work in 2013 thanks to my Tia Nubia and fell in love with it.
Greg and I love his bold colorful pieces that are so expressive and welcoming, much like Brazilian culture. You can learn more of his story & find more of his gorgeous artwork here.

Also in the top right corner of this photo you can see the baby monitor that Greg mounted on the wall. I loved watching Greg experience his very own true to him version of nesting. We chose this camera for several reasons, and are excited to put it to use upon Baby Irving’s arrival. We love the thousands upon thousands of 5 star reviews on this product, how user friendly it is, its portability that matches our on the go lifestyle, and its quality daytime and night imaging. Among other features such as two-way talk, remote temperature display, and interchangeable lens systems that allow for remote pan/tilt/zoom features.
Greg’s personal favorite feature is that it is a separate system that wont send our images off to some remote server where it would be stored for some period of time for whatever analytics that the company performed. We got The Infant Optics DXR-8 as a gift from my cousin Bri, but you can check it out for yourself here.  

Greg’s grandma really wanted to crochet our baby a baby blanket, and asked us which colors we’d like for her to use since we didn’t know the gender of the baby. We chose green and yellow… which may or may not have anything to do with the colors of the Brazilian flag.
The white shelving we had been using as a bookshelf is now repurposed to a little all things baby organizing station. We got it from Target years ago.
The gray foldable storage bins were 2 for $5 purchases courtesy of Five Below.
The circular golden metal shelf is available at Target, but I first saw it on Brooke Courtney’s Nursery blogpost of her daughter’s room.
Brooke is a cofounder of Walk in Love alongside her husband,
and she is a constant encouragement/inspiration.
 I’ll link  her nursery post  here where you can see for yourself
where I experienced love at first sight,upon seeing the golden circle shelf.
This pumpkin knit hat was a gift from our friend’s the parker’s.
PERFECT for our October Baby.
The onesie was a gift from the Gonçalves’ so sweet!
Couldn’t quite yet part with our BABY balloon from the shower.
The London rubber ducky we bought while in London this summer,
and was the very first gift we got for baby Irving.
Boy or Girl this baby of ours will be a little feminist and a baby Einstein.
How fun are these Little Unicorn Muslin Swaddles! They came in a set of three that you can find here.
Baby Irving’s Christian book genre is building up quickly…
as is the rest of his or her library.
Baby Board books instead of cards at our baby shower,
was such clutch decision highly recommend.
Dog Wubbanub, Dog Lovey, and Lady inspired dog snuggle buddy from our friend Kristy.
Greg was very proud of his target finds of the colorful polka dotted rug.
He would also like for me to point out that he’s the one who found the bed set in the clearance section of Target. 
The Pöang is also a Greg selection that we’ve had for years, and will serve as the site of many feedings, rocking to sleep-ings, and bed time story readings.
The shelves are up and stacked with books from the people we love.
Soon so soon,
we have no idea how long precisely,
but nonetheless soon,
we’ll be reading these books
with Baby Irving in our arms.
We have never heard of these blankets before but immediately upon being gifted with one of these luxurious  Sew Sweet Minky Blankets  we’re sold!
This blanket has become a personal favorite of ours,
so someone please remind us to give it to back to baby Irving upon their arrival.
Suggested by friend’s of ours from Lancaster was this Go gaga! activity gym and play mat.

polka dot’s
 woodland creature’s

Patterns add so much life to living spaces!
We are feeling pretty good about this dog themed berçário with pops of color to keep this space functional, minimal-esque, and fun!
Baby’s Changing station we set up in our bedroom, we don’t have a dresser we just have a closet.
So we got a little creative and just used our desk to set up a little makeshift table for baby.
Adjacent to our changing table you’ll see the diaper pail we went with.
L.A. Contour Changing Pad
Burt’s Bee’s Organic Changing Pad Cover.
Munchkin Waterproof Liner’s
Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail we got from Buy Buy Baby using a discount coupon and gift card. 
It is also available on amazon.
This steel diaper pail is unlike plastic diaper pails, since  it is non porous it locks in odor.
Also there is no need for a special refillable bag, just regular trash bags will do. 
We felt like a quality odor trapping diaper pail that wasn’t going to cost an unnecessary additional expense for special bags, made our decision a no brainer.
Not to mention having a dog, we had a designated sealable location for poopy diapers that locked in the odor.
“Diaper Caddy” aka basket from Five Below.
We’re aiming to use Pamper’s sensitive wipes, Pampers Pure diaper line
( the one’s in the basket are newborn size),
and Burt’s Bee’s Diaper Rash Ointment.

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