No Photographic Evidence

I was at our first barbecue of MDW weekend tonight.

And nobody was on their phones.

Also everybody there was over 50.

(Other than Greg Maria and I).

Nobody, not once,checked the time or their phones.

We just raved about my aunts cooking went back for seconds and made conversation.

Sounds simple enough but it’s a feat that can be more challenging for some than others in today’s society.

This is a subject that has been discussed over and over again but it’s something that I personally want to be better at.

I want to master the art of capturing a moment by being present.

Don’t get me wrong I love any opportunity for a photo op.

But deep in my bones I know that my richest memories are slowed not by camera shutter but when I’m busy living in them.

Some examples

  • The day I got married to Greg. There are hundreds of lovely photos but I remember dancing to best day of my life (by myself) in the cabin where me and my bridesmaid were getting ready. I remember jumping jumping up and down on the bed with excitement. There’s no photographic evidence but I did and it’s one of the memories made that day I hold dear.
  • I remember the next morning looking at Greg with our farm fresh breakfast before us and saying to him : “ we have no idea what we got ourselves into do we” and he replied with “ i was thinking the exact same thing”. I remember laughing because of how in that moment we were both realizing the immense decision we made the night before. We laughed together and it was memorable and there was no photographic evidence. We share the memory but it can’t be relived.
  • I have vivid memories of playing video games with my brothers growing up specifically Donkey Kong, Mario, and Final Fantasy. I also remember a whole lot of me losing. No photographic evidence I mean maybe there is , but I remember eating cookies and ice pops as we took turns playing or played all together. I remember the feeling of being rooted on by my brothers to succeed because we were all in shock whenever I was actually winning a level.
  • I remember climbing a BlackBerry tree in our backyard of one of the houses we rented with Brendan.  Bryann my dad and Bruce on the ground with a sheet. Brendan And I shook the branches as Bruce & Bryann held separate corners  and pai held two corners. I remember the feeling of the sun shining that day and the wind blowing as the berries fell and feeling like wow this is as good as life gets this. No photographic evidence but engrained in my heart nonetheless.
  • I remember holding my dad’s hands to learn to jump in the ocean and gripping on for dear life because the water was vast and powerful but my dad’s was strong and a safe place. No Photographic Evidence 

Not to quote Blink 182 but…it is all the small things.

Getting Cinnabon’s with my mom, watching her smile wide and cheer us on ruthlessly at any and every performance. No photographic evidence.

I often think about the ease of taking pictures now and chasing one moment after the next after the next.

But I am keeping myself accountable that there’s no point in 1,000,000 pictures if I look at that photograph and hold no memory.

Just some food for thought for this weekend for you and myself.

Let’s not get so caught up in being somewhere else via our phone, capturing the moment, that we end up holding no memory.

I don’t know about you but for me I’d rather have no photographic evidence, then hold no memory.

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