a majority of people take photos on their wedding day,
it’s a marvelous life changing moment in our lives
that should be captured,
( & we are SO thankful for our wedding photos,
our photographer truly blessed us by taking extraordinary photos
 that captured the overflow of  joy & life on that day.
Photos that we finally sorted into an album,
received in a bright orange package on the 7th of August
 and have “patiently” awaited until TODAY to look through it)
but it remains just that, a moment.

A moment that is only the beginning
of  all the future moments to come
of all the incredible adventure that marriage is.

Rightfully so wedding photos capture the wedding day as their intended to,
but it doesn’t capture the beautiful life changing moments of  day to day marriage.

So several months ago while we were still living in New York the idea hit me,
what should also be photographed is photos of what marriage looks like.

What if young impressionable females of all ages who are fiending over their “pinterest” wedding
instead had a visual of the everyday photos of marriage to swoon and sigh over.

What if the vocabulary used didn’t revolve around ” a beautiful wedding day”
but rather “a beautiful marriage”.

Now Greg & I have the privilege of having both,
Our wedding day, was so beautiful, but our marriage WOAH ….
our marriage is my favorite.
It’s breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous, enthralling, mesmerizing,
the kind of marriage that drops your jaw because you forgot it still exists.

So today we have officially been husband and wife for 365 days.
As we celebrate simply & perfectly by being with family,
looking through our wedding album
reading bundles of never before read encouraging letters from our wedding guests,
& debuting our REVAMPED blog all about the count up 
( created from scratch by the technological hottie + genius that my husband is)

May these anniversary photos remind you what it’s ALL ABOUT
may they showcase just a fraction of the challenging beautiful
day by day adventure that is MARRIAGE.


















** THANK YOU Relevant Life Photography, for your spontaneous availability

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