On day 365
we danced.
my thrill his nuisance .
we tubed.
my thrill his nuisance.
we rested
his thrill my nuisance.
What a sweet gig.
 To be able to have someone partake
 in what is considered a nuisance to them,
just so they can add to the joy of the thrill for you.
What a treasure
to have that same person
slowly but surely
 begin to secretly enjoy
(though they’ll never admit to it)
 doing the things they once considered a nuisance.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture to watch the sweet thrill of watching Greg flip on his tube,
but I did manage to capture a few snapshots from our weekend in the great state of NJ
( keep that laughter to yourself, haters gonn hate)
enjoying every drop- both the thrill but most importantly the chill-
 of  quality family time we got
& our Sunday out on big blue !
As I write we’re on day 370,
i think about how our days are filled with nuisances and thrills
but we manage to hang on,
way better then Greg on a tube 😉
enjoying the
sometimes bumpy
 sometimes refreshing
sometimes salt water burning your eyes
sometimes exhilarating ride that is marriage,
and life.
May you revel in the thrills & the nuisances,
because that’s what makes going tubing,
 being married,
and everyday life so memorable.
Bubu’s Nuisance; showers



Lady’s Thrill; attention





Brendan’s Thrill : Preaching & People


Greg’s nuisance; selfies


Our Thrill; family





Our Thrill; a view of the Hudson River & the Tappan Zee reminiscent of our “just friends” days


Thressa’s Nuisance; when you ask the waitress to take a picture & she decided a good backdrop would be the parking lot


Our Thrill; Sitting waterside watching the sunset.


Thressa’s Thrill; Lobster Sliders… any seafood really  & salad


Thressa’s Thrill; being shameless & asking the bus boy to take a pic ( YES for water backdrop)


Sibling Thrill; a forever rivalry in any game even corn in a hole


Bubu nuisance;sharing the attention when Lady visits


Bruce’s Thrill; Snapchat & Cuddling pups.


Our Thrill; Fresh Fruit & Old Friends



Our nuisance; disagreeing




Thrill; Scenes that remind you of the song you walked down the aisle to ” & then when we get to the ocean we’re gonna take a boat all the way to the end of the world”


Our Thrill; Lifelong friends & black Labs



Nuisance; putting in so much effort & time into making a quality (+ affordable) wedding album  Thrill; looking through it on your anniversary & it all being worth it.


Thrill & Nuisance; Brothers who think they’re cool 😉


Thrill & Nuisance; i REPEAT brother’s who think they’re cool 😉


Thrill; being their sister ( + secretly knowing they’ve always been cool <3 )



Brendan hanging on ( flashback to us tubing at Word of Life where we conquered the circle of death)…


Greg decided to have some fun & go tubing ….
… followed by Greg’s wipeout <3


Our biggest Nuisance’s & Thrill’s ; each other


365 days =)










Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. -R.W.E.  ( Thrill; good writers)


Nuisance as a teenager Thrill once your grown and realize how amazing they are; mae’s <3



minha familia






Straight up Cara de Pau



Nuisance; 3 hour drive home after an exhausting day Thrill; Anniversary milkshakes & reading love letters from our friends + fam


Thrill of the day; watching this hottie go tubing


Thrill; having a handsome husband
They’ve got smiles that seems to me reminds me of childhood memories <3


Nuisance; When you tease your husband for his almond eyes in sun in your eye pics, but then you close your eyes.


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