This past weekend we visited some of our close framily ( friends that became family ) in VA
& we brought our lovely lab Lady with us.
We laughed and were extremely entertained by her fixation on tennis balls,
but of course it got me thinking.
All weekend long
from the moment she woke up till she went to bed
 tennis balls  consumed her little doggy brain.
Nothing else mattered.
Wherever the ball went, she went.
She didn’t waiver its her and her tennis ball against the world,
and in every moment was as if it were the only moment to enjoy the tennis ball.
If getting the tennis ball required her to
 sit, lay, spin, sprint, or roll over she would do whatever it took to have the tennis ball.
If the tennis ball got stuck somewhere and she felt it without of her reach or there were to many obstacles in her way to attain it,
 she would go to extraordinary measures to be with that tennis ball again.
She was perfectly content to just sit in the grass with her precious tennis ball,
& likewise was willing to disobey Greg and I at the prospect of being with the tennis ball.
Of course as I thought about her and this ball I thought about us & Jesus.
At first it was only a lighthearted remark
“if only we could be as fixated on Jesus as Lady is on her tennis ball”
but then I reflected on that each time I saw her
chasing or resting or insisting that you play with the tennis ball too
 because “obviously you don’t know what you’re missing because come on humans TENNIS BALL!”
It may be a bit ludicrous to say our dog inspires us, but so be it.
We would LOVE to be shamelessly fixated as she to tennis balls;
go to extraordinary measures,
to meditate ALL day and night,
to disobey when need be,
to say “obviously you don’t know what you’re missing because come on humans, JESUS!”
to do whatever it takes ( sprinting, sitting still, etc.)
to be content knowing nothing else really matters
 in our fixation on following Jesus.
Happy National Dog Day,
as our lab Lady is to tennis balls,
may you be as much or even more so on shamelessly fixated on following  Jesus.












exhausted from a long fun filled weekend and lost without her tennis ball

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