The DaSilva in me will forever love spontaneity.
That’s why I had the idea on Wednesday October 14th
  to go visit my father & half siblings in Massachusetts to celebrate my half-sisters birthday
 on Thursday October 15th.
We surprised my half sister who loved every minute of us being there.
In fact the first night we woke up in the middle of the night to her watching us
( yes it startled Greg so he woke me up ), she was in disbelief we were actually there.
She didn’t want to miss out a second of her time with us, because she thought we were leaving early in the morning. Then after explaining we were staying for the next 3 days,she smiled wide,& we all went  back to sleep.
I’m admired in her eyes for no reason, other then I’m her big sister & she knows that I love her.
What I especially enjoyed was seeing Greg spend time with my dad;
 laughing at his goofy sense of humor + jokes,
 listening to his unbelievable stories,
& being impressed with my dad’s work ethic.
Greg gained a more in depth understanding of my brothers & I, as he watched my dad operate in everyday life.
Our weekend in Massachusetts was jam packed with beautiful memories;
Large blue bodies of water everywhere,
 vibrant fall colors on the tallest of trees,
cozying up around a warm crackling log fireplace,
throwing leaves at each other (& especially my dad)in Plymouth
eating delicious fresh juicy lobster & scrumptious savory creamy clam chowder,
laughing hard as the kids chased Lady around the yard,
 realizing  cupcakes+teddybears is always a good idea,
& above all a 7 hour drive is always worth it, if it means spending time with the people you love.
We celebrated day 433 of marriage, by loving others, specifically my dad & half siblings.
Which after all,is why we got married in the first place.
Of course we love one another,
 but we are married,not for each other, but for Jesus.
Because together we make a better team loving people than we did apart.
To show people his love by listening ,
 by laughing,
 & by showing up on their doorstep at 1 o’clock in the morning to say hey your worth the drive.

































































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