This Sunday I attended a Memorial Service, & this Saturday my brother saved a life.
Greg & I spent our weekend in Jersey to spend some time with family and lifelong friends.
We returned Sunday afternoon to attend a memorial service.
The service was beautiful because this man who passed humanity shined through.
 I sobbed, as if he were my uncle, when in actuality he was my husbands coworkers husband,
 who had been struggling with an illness for the past 4 years.
But the beauty of the service wasn’t just because of the many who loved him,
or  because of the man he started out as,
the true beauty of the service came in his redemption in his restoration.
The beauty of this memorial service was seeing the man he finished as.
He was remembered for his selflessness, compassion, and kindness.
So often we are overwhelmed by everything in life
think about it.
How often does frustration, money, arguments, worries, regret, anger, shame, etc. take up your time?
And I know there are those of us who beat. ourselves. up. self proclaiming ourselves
 but thankfully JESUS’ thoughts & words for us
 are higher & STRONGER than our own…
 What HE says goes,
& like it or not we ARE forgiven and loved.
This mans marriage to his wife encouraged me,
 because despite the few years of struggle,
 her commitment to Jesus prevailed & led to her commitment to her husband
 even in the ugliest moments, 
& likewise do we prevail in our ugliest moments 
because of Jesus’ commitment to us. 
In his final months of illness he was so passionate about the Lord & his wife,
making peace, resolution and enjoying their final days on earth together.
 He told her to not let people buy flowers for the funeral,
 but instead with whatever money people give
 to use that to swim with wild dolphins as they intended on their bucket list…
he wouldn’t get a chance to but he still wanted her to enjoy that.
She shared that he kissed her cross necklace,essentially
 thanking her for loving the Lord without reserve,
which led to her loving her husband without reserve,
which led to him recommitting to loving the Lord without reserve.
I just wanted to share this because we are all dying .
 We are simultaneously the oldest we’ve ever been and the youngest we’ll ever be,
 may we not be consumed /overwhelmed with trivial things
 but instead be consumed by our commitment to love Christ & others
without reserve
 because that changes everything.
Naturally we both left wondering how will I be remembered?
… well Greg somehow managed to convince himself, that only I would be saying sweet things about him.See what I mean? we dwell on our shortcomings & beat ourselves up
I left that memorial service inspired thinking about the way this couple’s motto if you will was
” what does love look like in this situation”
I specifically was thinking about the many ways I daily fail
in looking like love in everyday situations with my husband.
( sorry after sorry honey, you’re the husband of the year for loving me still & forgiving me every-time )
Love looks differently in every situation,
& I challenge you as I challenge mysel
f to take on this mentality if love is a priority in your life, to ask yourself in all situations
Sometimes love, looks like being in the right place at the right time
Saturday afternoon we were enjoying our favorite Brazilian restaurant with family
 and got a phone call from my brother sharing how he was in the right place in the right time,
 and he won’t say it in so many words but I will, he saved a life.
He didn’t plan on it, but the situation presented itself and he saved a life.
My brother looked like love this Saturday afternoon.
He’s always been a hero to me, & he’ll say he was just doing what anyone would do,
but he CHOSE to look like love in that situation, which resulted in a life being saved.
May we look like love even when it hurts, even when its hard,
even when it’s just the humane thing to do.
I didn’t know how to write regarding this past weekend,
 & specifically these two situations; that were filled with pain, sorrow, and hope,
But its often the things I don’t understand why they wont get out of my head,
 that I know are the things that need shared & need said.
Maybe it’s what love looks like in this situation.
It’s needed more than you know,
As I was reminded this weekend, love looks differently in every situation.
It may come second nature to us in some situations,
or may take us seriously swallowing our pride, or ego or lazyness or shyness in others.
May we love without reserve
May we be in the right place at the right time
May we look like love in every situation, because realistically we don’t have time for anything else.
I mean it.
someone’s life may be depending on it.

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