It’s probably not surprising if I told you Brendan & I argued the most growing up.
It’s probably not surprising that we’re best friends now,
or that if the opportunity arises we will continue to argue with each other.
As his big sister I will always challenge him to rise to the occasion & walk the footsteps of a stranger.
To learn things he never knew he never knew.
Because I love him, & no disagreement that was,is,or  will be, will ever change that.
Because he’s my brother we share similar family values,
such as extravagant displays of love, such as
 surprising me on my doorstep in the middle late Friday Night.
Okay I say late Friday night, it was 10:30 pm & I was already snuggled in bed with a book + tea.
I was so over that day, overwhelmed, discouraged, & well aware that a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.
I thought I was just due for a long sleep,
but God knows just what you need right when you need it.
I was in need of a good laugh & I had hundreds that weekend.
They showed up on my doorstep with the gift of their presence & words of affirmation, having no idea of the rough day I had. I squealed & jumped for joy. Thankful for a good good father, who knows just what I need before I say a word. Thankful for a husband who’s a planner & can’t handle surprises but knew all along that they were coming & dealt with keeping his cranky wife awake.
They didn’t want the tourist attraction let’s go here + there to do this and that
They just wanted to spend time with us.
So of course we lathered them in our simple love,
I cooked them Italian one night & Thai the other,
we spent some time at the dog park,
we brunched where I work,
showed them our church stomping grounds,
we caught up with each others lives as Brendan blasted our record player,
 & as Lady went buck around the house because she loves having people over.
On the 440th day of being wed we celebrated God, knowing our needs
before I could even conceptualize them, & we celebrated brotherhood.
Granted I’m a sister, but it was my brother who ventured out just to say
i love you sister & brother
its your turn to get surprised
to be reminded your worth the drive any day anytime
They say when you get married whats theirs becomes yours,
 & I am so proud of the way my brother
as argumentative with me as he may be 😉
 has loved and welcomed Greg, into the brotherhood.


Bruce & Bryann step your game up 😉 Brendan surprised me, your move <3



Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast


Bagel & Lox


Big Ol’ & Meadow Medley


Lancaster loved you Brendan & Cam , come back soon.


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