A pair of ripped jeans is a staple in the wardrobe of many.

My tears came from the clothing company that designed them that way,
but I wish they were from prayer.
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I want to get on my knees and pray, as often as I breathe.
I want  my jeans to be worn and torn, from hours spent praying on my knees.
Not because Jesus needs me kneeling to pray,
but because the stance shouts surrender, You are worthy, & i am honored to pray.
Everybody’s hype for Christmas
get a grip people,
it’s November 1st.
I’m hype its November
I’m hype for today
I’m hype I can pray.
Can you treat life TODAY, like its Christmas day?
I’m no Scrooge, or Grinch
I’m just not in the mood
 to tinsel + red everything & get giddy,
when today I’m reminded of the struggle that so many people live,
the nitty gritty.
I do enjoy Christmas, it’s beautiful but whats more breathtakingly beautiful to me?
What gets me HYPE?
 The sight of people praying & actively loving others the other 364 days of the year,
not building up some hype, some countdown, for one day of cheer…
then going back to treating every day like the ugly ducking.
when everyday is actually a glorious swan.
all this enthusiasm for Christmas & New Years,
but I’ll let you in on a little something
I consider the most wonderFALL time of the year to be November
(granted I was born in this month so that’s an automatic biase 😉 )
 because that’s the month we’re in right now, today.
 I love today; it was filled with laughter & pain, but that doesn’t take away that I love today.
I love Thanksgiving.
not for the football and overeating its become
I love it for the intentionally engaging in the attitude of gratitude 
for the family & friends gathered round your table sharing a meal laughing and being.
 content in the today, & not wishing our days away.
for time spent meditating giving thanks, seeing the need & acting on it.
I  love it for all the ways it challenges me to change the everyday 
of myself + of so many others, because I am so thankful.
I’m finding myself wishing more & more
people would abide in ripped jeans,
torn from constantly kneeling before the throne
torn from actively caring about meeting the needs of others,
 more than actively countdown for Christmas
torn from giving praise because we’re not alone or forgotten.
torn from kneeling when we feel weak,scared, anxious, excited,tired,peaceful, overjoyed.
torn from kneeling when we ‘re foolish enough to think I GOT THIS even for a single moment,
because without God we would cease to be & wouldn’t stand a chance at living in the moment.
Today is November 1st, Tomorrow is November 2nd.
May anytime you see ripped jeans, get you thinking about this post, & get you HYPE for today.

Post Author: Thressa Irving

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