When life gives you lemons, what do you do?
For 2 weeks I was looking forward to hot air ballooning in Cali to celebrate my 24th year of life.
I was HYPE.
granted I’m generally excited about life, but I was ECSTATIC!
Since I was a little girl I dreamed about going hot air ballooning,
& I was actually getting to make this dream a reality
 ( thanks to the thoughtfulness of my husband and aunt )!
The day we arrived safely in Cali,
 we called the company that we were going to hot air balloon with,
and GET THIS ….
rides were CANCELLED for the week,
 due to what you’ll NEVER believe:
at first we thought it was a joke, but sure enough
a state experiencing  4 years of drought, cancelled because it rained the day before .
Leave it to the Pennsylvanians to bring the rain.
You’re welcome… I suppose.
I wish I could tell you because I was 24 now I handled it very maturely,
I regret to inform you that was not the case.
I was silent, pouty, and persistent.
Things were not working out the way I wanted them to,
but I wasn’t taking no for an answer.
“it’s okay , this is gonna happen, I’m gonna make this work”
well… I called every other company I could find in the area,
all canceled + unavailable because of rain in California.
go figure.
I’m positive + innovative + great at problem solving
but as irony would have it, I was no match for the rain in California.
Hours after trying & trying & trying
I finally accepted that it wasn’t gonna work out
and I trudged my feet as Greg convinced me to agree to brainstorming  plan B.
Lo & behold we went skydiving.
I know it reads off as pretty obnoxious of me,
but I’m a human and sometimes our human shows.
We get so wrapped up in things having to go our way,
that we forget how wonderful a change of plans can be 
how sometimes despite all our efforts some things don’t go as planned
how FUN it can be to make lemons out of lemonade,
& lets be honest sometimes what actually happens is far better than what we could’ve planned.
thank God that






















who looks this calm right before they’re about to jump out of a plane
being late stresses him out
but jumping out of a plane he’s CHILLIN’


















Heres to 24 years of me & 458 days of  marriage


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