This past Tuesday marked ONE YEAR of Greg working at Water Street Mission.
This past Saturday marked ONE YEAR of when we listened & where led into the land of Pennsylvania.
I wasn’t necessarily thrilled,
 to move YES, 
for Greg to get this job YES,
to know we following where God into unfamiliar territory YES
to Pennsylvania…ehhh, not so much.
but oh how a year changes things.
Into the land of Pennsylvania we went,
came R A G I N G in 
on different days
 for both of us 
on different levels
 for different reasons.

but often I’ve found that 
when you’re following God into those unfamiliar territories
its not all rainbows & butterflies
it’s more like storm-clouds & mosquitoes...
its scary,tiring, and unclear
and honestly just flat out annoying 
 oh how exhausting it can be 
defeating, until you realize 
the storm-clouds bring that revitalizing rain that nourishes
& the mosquitoes eventually die or get eaten by birds
& then you realize all these things made way for
true friendships.
Sure enough in this past year
of where I had to learn how to stay and give thanks 
to bloom where I’m planted & adjust,
 God has us moving yet again.
Same state, same city, different house.
and this time around


to be staying in Lancaster,
to have grown so much by following, 
& to be beside Greg through it all 
as Jesus continues doing His leading thing.
If you haven’t picked up on this yet,
 I like to record data, reflect,chart growth, & apply the learned data.
( as evidenced by the making of this blog 😉 
Last, year before we moved I wrote a post called Come On In 
which featured pictures from our very first apartment as husband and wife.
I wrote it for three reasons;
1) to have record of our cherished first living space as husband and wife, 
2) to have photographs of it,
3) to give you readers who are already a part of our lives as you’ve been reading
a little glimpse into our humble abode.
As we prepare for another move, I figured why not keep up with the tradition?

Below you will find photos of our cherished 2nd living space as husband & wife 
( now featuring a dog & cat that weren’t part of the fam when we 1st moved in)
T H I S    A P A R T M E N T
was our refuge during the storm-clouds & pesky mosquitoes
a place where for the past 10 months
 we grew and cried and laughed and tried 
a place where we welcomed everyone
but naturally not everyone who follows our story 
was able to make it over
but dear friend/reader ( freader? )
worry not
once again

we. invite. you. 
to COME ON IN Lancaster city edition 😉
check out our apartment sweet apartment.
these spaces that have beheld our deepest tears & deepest chuckles.
where forgiveness + gentleness + patience now abound, after much practice 
we are moving soon
but this apartment 
with all the character that it has is;
 part of our story
part of God’s provision
part of making me a better woman + Greg a better man
& part of turning all our guests into family.
so though we are physically moving,
may you look at these photos and be moved
to appreciate the space you’re in
 to soak up each room 
and to say thank you for all the solace its provided.
Thank to You, Jesus, for the courage your provide for us to follow,
we’ll commit to doing so for the rest of our lives.
Thanks to you 351, valeu*.
* Brazilian Portuguese translation for it was worth it/it’s been real
Thanks to you freader, for following our journey,
come on in.
Up the stairs
the porch where lots of Greg brewing & lady eating 3 pound of raw cornish hens took place ( another storyfor another day)
the mudroom

an aerial of the mudroom
the kitchen 

where I 1st held Dorcas’ baby Jack,& where Greg tapped + kicked his 1st keg 

not pictured:all our dear friends who sat & shared in eating our food in return for their laughter around this table

                       what sealed the deal: IN HOUSE LAUNDRY ( back when we were deciding between which apt to get )
 it’s those
living room

 i spy Lady

birthdays,brunches, job promotions, & a new year all celebrated in here
Lady put your records on
Thankful for a bedroom with so much natural light

The TV room
tchau amigos sempre seja bem vindo =)

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