with THIS POST begins my second blog series, 

it is a series about the people in my life who
i n s p i r e     m e

once a week 
for however long it lasts
every Thursday 
  *times of day will most certainly vary*
                         I will highlight
                       O N E   PERSON 
                                – and the-
                       O N E    WORD
          that best describes how this person inspires me
                                      – along with-
                 O N E  APPLICATION
    because often 
being inspired 

isn’t  enough
we need to  be


to A C T  on it
I came up with this series idea entitled
( super creative i know = P )
this past Monday, when Greg & I decided to take a 

spontaneous trip

 to Jersey because I had off work for two days.
2/3 of my brothers were home 
which we were delighted about
& we got to spend time with the lovely blondes that
 are Cam, Mamae, & Tia Nubia. 

 This weeks

word & person


Brendan & intentional
 now as you can see in these pictures
he is scarce
not because he doesn’t like photos
( because we DaSilva’s love being in pictures)
but because he had committed to other arrangements in which he had to be intentional
in following through with
it has always been this way
even when we were kids
 he was intentional 
in being a bratty little brother & pushing my every button

 he is intentional in working out

he is intentional in his work ethic

he is intentional in pursuing his dreams
( ex; road trip cross country summer of 2015)

he is intentional in his relationships
…truly every time I’m home he’s spending time
with people he’s connected with that he’s known since his diaper days, or as random as just a brief crossing of life paths then BAM before you know it they’ve got a Brendan for life.
he is intentional still in his annoyance
he is intentional when he apologizes
he is intentional in romantic gestures simple & grandiose –> that’s his girl Cam, who I freaking adore !

he is intentional in sharing God’s love with others
he is intentional in telling you the truth
he is intentional in acting confident on the dance floor…even though we all know the truth 😉
he is intentional 
on being a kick-butt 
brother in law to my 
querido Greg

he  is intentional in focusing on his studies ( while his fun- loving sister *that would be me* is gallavanting around New Jersey with his girlfriend)
he has always been intentional in appreciating my best friend Grace  
& is intentional in remembering her value to me

                                   he is intentional in serving my mom as a thanks for all she’s done for us

he is intentional in his relationship with Jesus



  Brendan, my intentional brother
I look to you and am inspired 
by the way you live so INTENTIONALLY.
When I forget who I am & who’s I am
your  I N T E N T I O N A L living reminds me
It sounds ridiculous, & don’t get it twisted I’m not saying you’re always right.
I’m saying you’re INTENTIONAL living ,
the way that you’re all in in everything you do,
inspires me.
It motivates me to be INTENTIONAL
It shows me Jesus constantly.
You work hard play hard apologize hard and love hard
because of this gift you have of living intentionally.
My prayer is that your time relationships resources rest & laughter would be maximized,
as you continue to live so intentionally.
As for me,
I am being INTENTIONALLY (  & have already begun)
by rekindling old friendships that for a while I’ve been saying ” one day ” to
by making time to converse with the man experiencing homelessness as you would
by considering my time and brainstorming how to maximize my time, this life,
in order that I too may live
  1. deliberately; on purpose.

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