We have this tendency.
to sugarcoat
to walk on eggshells
to keep the peace
or at least I do
…perhaps its the product of being the 2nd of 4 kids ( woop woop middlekids)
…maybe its the result of so desperately not wanting to be associated
 with the group of Christians who speak/behave 
ignorantly, pompously, arrogantly, & without compassion.
I definitely don’t want to cause any more damage
that’s why I’ve stayed so much more silent than I’d prefer to be,
because I don’t want to write off anyone from Jesus
…but neither of those things are a sufficient excuse to remain fearful 
of expressing 
of educating
of making people think outside their box
but TODAYS #ThressaThursday

 is wise,
she has NO problem expressing her opinion,
** at least not that I know of
and makes you want to ask questions about that Jesus that she follows.
Time spent with her can be laughing hysterically,
like talking with a best friend you had all your life,
 or immensely thought provoking
but truly every interaction with her has left me wanting to be as audacious as she.
the very first time, she probably has no recollection of,
but I have never forgotten.
I was a student at Nyack college desperately seeking what to do with my life
what major to choose
she listened intently
she asked intentional question
her response wasn’t superfluous 
but concise
maybe its the reason I remembered it after all these years
” Thressa, wild mustangs are fast and strong, but when trained,focused and disciplined
they are faster,stronger, healthier then ever before,
likewise machine gun shoots their amo everywhere, but a rifle is used to hit the target”
okay so maybe I can’t recall it verbatim
& my knowledge on guns and what they do is so minimal it’s nearly obsolete
but the point is this
she didn’t sugarcoat
she didn’t tiptoe
she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear
(quite frankly at the time I was annoyed because I just wanted her to 
do the “simple” thing and tell me what to do with my life)
yet her sound advice still resonates in my mind
as it has taken me years to realize the truth & power in her words.
yes I ended up choosing a major and graduating and that’s all well and good
but her priority wasn’t just giving me a major
it was giving me a vision
the past few years has been me discovering that vision
and often it’s been hit or miss 
 but I’m way closer now then I was then
because I’ve been honing in on being disciplined, focused,
training myself to acquire a vision.
But it’s not just those words she spoke
it’s the audacious way she lives out every day life.
When I see the things she posts online
I feel as though I am right there with her 
because she is consistent
with expressing herself 
educating others
& provoking people to think outside the box 
online as much as she does in person
you turned 40 this week
in case you didn’t know you are audacious and that inspires me
(and I’m CERTAIN that I am not the only woman who is inspired by you)
**I’m sure there are also men who are inspired by the way you live and challenge people to think.**
The purpose of this blog series of mine
 is for me is to look for the strengths in others that reflect Jesus, 
so that I may be more like Him, by encouraging someone who’s already rocking that trait.
Choosing a person, a word, and an application.
The first week was intentional, because Jesus is so intentional in everything He does,
the second week was humilty,because in all His majesty he still serves us with loving kindness,
and this third week  is audacious because that’s so much of who He is.
Jamila you are so wise hilarious compassionate and audacious unlike so many people who are speaking on behalf of Christ. 
As I nudge Greg as I read your status’ and say 
I’ve come to the realization that you inspire me to be audacious.
not pompous, not arrogant, not ignorant, not without compassion,
but A U D A C I O U S.
because this world is severely lacking in people like you,
and this is such a winning character trait that is such deficit.
My application in attempts to be more A U D A C I O U S,
is to post more content that is thought provoking,
both on the blog, status instagram, all forms of social media.
To utilize these outlets for people to see
that there are  A U D A C I O U S  Christians out there,
who may not be as hilarious as you 😉
but through reading my posts/seeing my pictures can say
” woah who knew Christian’s could actually be compassionate, educated, wise 
 & audacious”
happy 40th Birthday Jamila
thank you for being A U D A C I O U S


[aw-dey-shuh s] 

extremely bold or daring; immensely brave; fearless:

an audacious explorer.

extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive:

an audacious vision of the city’s bright future.

recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like;insolent; brazen.

lively; unrestrained; uninhibited:

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