Once every four years February has a 29th, a leap day.
Quite frankly Greg and I are very thankful for this extra day, because February has been such a whirlwind as we prepared to move out of our apartment and into our first home. 
We are so excited to be in this house and to have a space to welcome people into, where they can feel safe,loved,and free to be themselves.
To drink up some of Gregs quality homebrew , to soak up the love of life emanating from Lady’s limitless energy, & to receive that one of a kind Brazilian hospitality from yours truly 😉 
This entire process has been so surreal and we’re ecstatic about the way things went and how they’re going.
But let me tell you real quick about the 2nd best decision we made the day we closed. 
Closing was at 10am, so we decided to go through Hope Internationals Pathways Out of Poverty  exhibit at 8:30am.
It is a tour that takes you through the lives of eight different stories from people around the  world ,& their everyday lives experiencing global poverty.
We lived in that apartment for 11 months and were extremely eager beavers to get the show on the road.
But after this exhibit, after this much needed reality check we were much less eager and much more humbled.
It is so easy to get caught up in the call it what is complaining lifestyle that’s has a way of trending when every day you don’t need to think about the bare necessities just to survive. 
It’s shook us to the core and it shook us good and we deserved that.
May these words  shake you to your core, may they shake you to think about what you can do for others and less of what you “need”.
We own this house it is a privilege and a joy. Make no mistake we feel no guilt for the gifts we’ve been given, but we DO feel very convicted with; to the person whom much is given much is required.
May you revel in the gifts you’ve been given, may you express your frustrations at daily annoyances, but may you revel in your blessings and may they URGE you to spend time to look at the lives of others to show them love.
The most valuable asset perhaps in this life is time. In this first world that we live in where people could name all the things they “need “, would you think about how an extra day , an extra decision , an extra act of selflessness can change a life.
As Greg and I left and made our way to the closing we praise God for the apartment that we lived in for 11 months for our jobs for never hungry for our water for safety for our friends for our family, and for all the struggles we’ve encountered this year and overcoming them. We also thanked him for the humbling experience before closing on the house to be reminded of what really matters in this life and it’s not more things it’s making the most of our time to show others love.
Hope international is doing this today by having a leap day giving where the goal is to have people donate the amount of money they make in one day in order to micro finance so many different countries dream. Here’s the direct link www.leapfwd.org if you like to participate in their leap forward, or even just read about how others people are being intentional in spending their time to invest in others.
Life is short.
We all know this.
Today is the extra day, what have you done with this extra time?
And my challenge to Greg and I on this leap day and to you is to instead of 1st world probleming life : 
LEAP into love
LEAP into selflessness
LEAP into forgiving
LEAP into giving 
LEAP into maximizing your time
LEAP into educating yourself towards what’s going on the world
LEAP into doing something about it
Today and everyday.

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