Two weeks ago as our pastor preached he mentioned the difference of holding a book – not a kindle, not an i- fill in the blank, not a nook- a BOOK.
He was encouraging us to maximize the use of our paper Bibles. The treasure it is to read each word and tangibly feel the turn of a page.
Immediately as a self proclaimed book lover I realized – oh no -I’ve forsaken my former love.
Before the era of email and instagram, I had books. 
Before online blogging, there was the thrill of putting a pen to a page.
I have never been an I.T. girl in any way shape or form – thankfully I married a man who enjoys + gets all of that phew- but I have become hooked on technologically . I can easily say that weekly I spend hours scrolling.
Instagraming, Snapping, scrolling, scrolling,scrolling.
It’s embarrassing, I’m not proud of it,but it’s true, at least for now.
I used to get lost in a book, now I get lost in “oh my gracious did I just spend an hour scrolling”?
My mom used to call me a fish because of how I was always found in the water, but if I wasn’t in the water, she knew where to look next, with my nose in a book.
That I’m proud of, today she’d probably look for my phone. What a downgrade.
I want to be remembered as a do-er, a be-er, an adventurer, a lover, a laugher, a writer, a reader, a teacher, an includer, but NOT a scroller.
I once heard a quote that has become a favorite in it’s simplicity:
” if you don’t like something change it, if you don’t change it stop complaining”
I may be alone on this conquest to read more and scroll less, but even if just one person reading this can relate, it is for you I write.
I’m sure you’ve read other articles about societies attachment to social media & their phones, we all have haven’t we?
But my writing is meant to evoke change in the life of those who read it,& I too have learned about excessive phone uses impact on my psyche, eyes, quality of life, etc. but have continued scrolling away. ” yea we’re so attached to our phones it’s crazy ” and there I go scrolling away.
Until I decided I’ve had enough.
Until I heard the pastor preach and it made me miss holding books  and getting lost in its pages.
Until Greg suggested I get a public library card because “there’s no reason I should have a library card before you “.
There is a power to books , there’s a power in reading, there’s a therapy in slowing down and feeling time, that all people of different interests from different walks of life can say hold on five more minutes.
Truly as I was about to turn off the lights so Greg and I could fall asleep,  he said ” hold on five more minutes,it’s getting really good…I’ve missed reading I forgot how nice this is”.
Put down your i whatever, your kindle, your nook and pick up a book.
Substitute scrolling for pageturning .
Swap out that bible app, for reading the bible on your lap.
I implore you to reflect on your scrolling ways as I have – and mind you I enjoy taking pictures and Instagram as much as the next millennial – because hopefully you’ll be disgusted, annoyed,& embarrassed of the constant way your hand clutches your phone or i-whatever or electronic device  to say I’VE HAD ENOUGH.
Pause before yourself.
Pause before the Lord.
Pause before you pick up your phone to scroll, & just consider  
or I can shake things up for my brain and for my soul, enjoy a good book, and for more time today then yesterday DITCH THE SCROLL

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