Early on in my dating relationship with Greg,
a wise woman by the name of Mariah Walker once taught me;
love your man, by loving what he loves.
Thus began my study of the history of hockey.
I became to determined to learn as much as I could, 
so that the next time Greg & I were together he would be blown away
by my historical hockey knowledge.
When the time came, and I began to drop dates of when hockey started, why its called hockey, 
and the rules of hockey, I did not get the reaction I anticipated
First, he looked confused, tilting his head at me as a dog does 
when they’re trying to make sense of what they’re human is doing.
Then, I explained myself and he began to chuckle.
APPARENTLY, that’s not how you talk sports, but he appreciated & got a good laugh out of me trying.
It wasn’t just about learning the facts, it was about loving the game. 
As Mariah had said, “loving what he loves”.
Girlfriends, and wives reading this, 
some words of wisdom from one woman who loves her man to the other;
don’t belittle or make fun of what your husband comes to love, 
because you’re one of them.
Hockey has become infinitely more fun to watch, & talk about , 
creating increased bonding opportunities for us,
(you know once I dropped my  pursuits of its  historical facts) and chose to love it.
Greg’s biggest passion + dream for about the past 2-3 years has been home-brewing.
He is fascinated by the precision, the process of creating, the calculating, the chemistry, the endless possibilities, the outlet for socialization, the art of waiting, and most of all… the reward.
Greg loves to homebrew, I love to homebrew.
I believe in Greg, and the delicious beer he produces.
Not because I have to, but because I choose to.
I love Greg, Greg loves me, I love what he loves.
Now of course not in the same way, I am certainly no chemist and I can only take so much brew talk,
I LOVE seeing him expand his knowledge & inventory.
This may all be self explanatory, but I think its too easy to just say you support the dreams of your guy, but not invest in them.
INVEST; the time, the money, the conversation…even if  for the millionth time about the fermentation process, what the temperature needs to be for the wart boil, 
and the difference between top / bottom fermenting yeasts.
On our 700th day of marriage, we celebrated by spending the day visiting 3 breweries with a married couple, where the husband is on the same page of brewing passion as Greg, where the wife drives 3 hours – not only because she loves hanging out with us 😉 – to show her husband how she loves him, and she loves seeing her husband pursue what he loves.
That weekend was such a blast because
  •  she & I both love our husbands, though we don’t understand home-brewing A LOT of the time, we understand that it matters to our husbands, & because it matters to them, it matters to us.
  • he & Greg were as giddy as little kids on Christmas morning to spend time with a fellow home-brew enthusiast, exploring breweries, and pursuing their passions
  •  to 700 days with Greg
  • to husbands who homebrew
  • to the wives who root for them


Lancaster Brewing Company’s Food & Brews is our favorite
This one will be framed at their future brewery

Cheers to Husbands Who Pursue Their Passions and To The Wives Who Root for Them

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