We twirled in the fields of Maryland shamelessly.
Post-Adventures to Rehoboth,swimming in the deep blue sea, straddling state lines, sipping some land sharks in the biergarten,catching Pokemon, making some go-karting memories {that we’ll laugh at someday, but not quite yet  }& indulging in nico-bol-i’s + gelatis to make it all better,
 the song BRAND NEW played in my mind as we span about in circles.
You know what I love ?
When people come back into your life in the most unexpected of seasons, in the most unexpected of ways, when you need it the most.
Devon and I met in fall of 2009.
Her laughter, drive ,& commitment to Jesus have always been (and continue to be) contagious .
Sometimes, the best way your spouse can celebrate your marriage, is by supporting your time out with friends.
Greg gets that. 
He see’s the way that my friends help me come alive, the way they meet me where I’m at & recharge me like no other .
Once upon a time when Greg was annoyed with my friends , he said ” I don’t get it Thressa, why do you put up with them & still wanna be their friend even when they’re m.i.a. right now?” 
How many men have felt that about the friends of the women they love ?
-don’t get to hype , here comes the rest –
I responded in two ways ;
” well, first of all ( yep that kind of first of all that you instantly realize you’re about to find out ) before you were my knight in shining armor, they were
followed by, ” …& I still stay in a relationship with you even though you annoy me right ?”
Ever since then , he figured out that it in order for our marriage to be maximized, finding the friends that fueled me was a necessity.
So this is a chapter on friendship.
This is a chapter on growing up.
This is a chapter on learning ,that sometimes the best of friends, are always there.
This is a chapter on learning, that sometimes the best of friends, come back when you least expect it, & after a huge span of time has passed, you realize … they never really left.
This is a chapter on saying sorry for not being there when she needed me the most,& recognizing my humanity.
This is a chapter of receiving grace & starting brand new.
WE WOULD HAVE ROLLED ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING, had somebody told us that in 2016 we would be living in the same small city that is Lancaster City, PA.
But I don’t mind it,
because I love to laugh & I love surprises.
I love the adventure of going on spontaneous mini road trips with a friend who is as excited about life as I am.
I love the value of a husband who understands the value of a ladies day out.
I love the E N D E A V O R of friendship .
I love all that it entails .
I love how they enrich your marriage.
I love how they make you realize, that in this massive world you live in, you’re not so alone after all.
I love the way friendship allows me to talk about a million different things, & in a million different ways .
Greg is my best friend, & a massive component in attaining that title is in his understanding of how friendships enable us to thrive.
Devon challenges me,listens to me, & is as compassionate as she is free.
She embodies freedom.
She illustrates friendship at its finest.
She sees how Greg & I function, how we maximize each other’s strengths in a multitude of ways, and she cheers us on.
Those are the friends readers.
Those are the ones I celebrate today.
Surround yourself with the friends who  embody freedom, who illustrate friendship at its finest , who sees how you + your man function, & cheers you on towards the future that God has in store for you.
Both in the day to day, & spontaneous endeavors;
Find the Friends who Fuel you.

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