The past few days I’ve been teaching the Sylvester boys that if a pizzeria doesn’t have good plain pizza, they don’t have good pizza. 
If an icecream shop doesn’t have good vanilla, they don’t have good icecream.
If the bare bones of their product are quality, the rest will follow suit.
I love icecream and I love pizza ,
 but if you can’t get your basics right, what’s to say the rest of it will be good?
Why am I gonna put my precious taste buds through that?
As I think about my responsibility as a wife, sister, daughter, and friend
 I think about how if I don’t invest in getting the core good,
 if I don’t invest in producing QUALITY at the day to day of what it means to be a good wife, sister friend, daughter etc.
 the rest will follow suit. 
Don’t get crazy with the toppings, 
if the base is disgusting.
Prime example : Greg.
It means nothing for him if I plan spontaneous elaborate dates of everything he loves – hockey games, brewery tours, attending concerts, and historical adventures –
 if I don’t take the time to listen to him, hold him, 
and just enjoy being with him .
That’s the core of our relationship.
As I am consistent in those things,
 and provide a good base 
the romantic gestures are more meaningful, 
they’re more fun,
 because Greg knows it comes from someone who enjoys him, 
someone holds him when life gets hard,
& someone who  listens to him when he speaks .
I feel like sometimes we get consumed with being Ham + Pineapple or the Coffee Oreo , when all the people in our lives need is a good base.
Not an entertainer, but a constant.
Someone who makes the plain EXTRAORDINARY.
Be someone who makes the plain extraordinary.
may we be challenged to be the 
who listen extraordinarily 
who share extraordinarily 
who sacrifice extraordinarily 
who forgive extraordinarily 
who laugh extraordinarily
who advise extraordinarily 
And so on and so on 
For far too many of us know what it’s like 
getting all the toppings on there…
 but the moment  you bite into you’re buffalo chicken pizza you realize 
‘EW this places crust is awful?’ 
when you take a big spoonful of your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough,
and it makes you gag because the base is gross.
Toppings / Extravagant flavors, 
no matter how delicious,
 don’t cover up the base.
Don’t show up trying to be the Mint Chocolate Chip or the Chicken Bacon Ranch in people’s lives when the vanilla or plain you’re offering is ratchet.
Let’s make sure we’re serving others the quality bare bones of who we are before we get all fancy.
Let’s make sure we’re working on providing the best vanilla + the best plain slice, 
so that our above and beyond moments can be so much more meaningful.
Let’s make sure we never lose sight of the value, of making the plain extraordinary.
Com Carinho,

Post Author: Thressa Irving

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