feeling :  astonished

at how I let all of August go by without blogging.
(other than the a month in the life post )
so many blog worthy moments in August,
I gotta say
 that I’ve been too busy
L I V I N G them
 S A V O R I N G them 
to write about them !
BUT on the same note , 
the writer in me demands that story be told =)
so like I tell my students
” we wait patiently for Mrs.Thressa”
wait on it dear reader, the stories are coming
learning: how to teach
a bunch of life filled 4 year olds

practicing: consistency with enforcing the rules
with our pup Lady & our kiddos
…theres alot of work to do

mastering: becoming organized like my mother
God’s got jokes

my whole life I was like “I don’t get it”
and years later here I am
practicing what she preached

eating: Pine View Dairy’s Espresso Caramel Icecream
yes I live 4 miles from a dairy darm
and yes… being married means sharing your favorite icecream

listening: to Hillsong Kids on the daily with my class,
 teaching them what I first learned years ago at CCP

playing: instrumental harp music as I type away…

finishing :  The Office …I can’t believe

reading :  ACSI curriculum books like its my job,oh wait it is =) 
watching : SAMSON tonight at Sight & Sounds
 with Greg and the in-laws
wearing : professional teacher outfits on the
reg because I gotta fit the description
( don’t worry I’m staying true to my expressiveness,
,just #Teacherfied)

walking : to lunch

realizing : it’s getting cooler hallelujah 
#novemberbaby #fallfavorite
traveling : to my bed earlier than usual
 because being in charge of 4 year olds all day
 gives me a run for my money

desiring : to become a pro at this planning thing
Greg bought me at Lifeway,
 that helps me plan out not only my day to day
but my vision

so that I may live life intentionally
“She who fails to plan, plans to fail”

celebrating: this job(a million times over)
        this  month

this naptime

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