A Little Less

Maria is asleep.

Greg is assembling our IKEA Askvoll shelves.

Lady’s playing with her chew toy.

And I’m kicking back in the Poang with my feet  up typing away cozied up in this phenomenally soft light gray throw blanket.

As I type, I’m I’m relieved Friday has arrived.

Long days short weeks is an expression that Greg and I learned at Mont Lawn Camp from Rich and Suzy, but we really felt like that encapsulated parenthood.

One day you’re in this transcendent state trying to grasp the reality that this precious babe is your child, the next your 7 month old is crawling after all the wires leaving you out of breath from preventing her from teething on them, revealing just how out of shape you really are.

All this to say some weeks we experience are harder and longer than others , this week was one of them .

It was a painful one for our family, we drove 13 hours in under 24 hours to mourn the loss of Greg’s Pap-Pap.

It was wholesome grieving, you know  the kind where the pain is fresh and deep and every small thing that reminds you of this person shatters you, but such a necessary time to deal with the painful realities we now face as a family.

When you get married 2 become one.

What’s his is mine, including his father, including his Pap-Pap.

Their pain is my pain.

Their loss is my loss.

Every moment of the drive was worth it to be there to walk through our own mourning and also showing up to support all of Greg’s family members suffering from heartache.

He was 90 yes but it still hurts.

Point being we’re tired.

It’s been a long draining painful emotional week.

Maybe for you too.

I’m not sure what’s going on in your life or what’s wearing you out or breaking your heart.

And it’s funny because when I started typing I had no idea where I was going with this.

But for those who are tired who have had a long week who are hurting who just need to kick back with your feet up.


I see you. 

You made it.

Some days are harder than others.

But the weekend is here, and my hope for you is even if just a moment you laugh really hard at something and breath a little lighter, before the pain sets in again.

Maybe you need a nap, maybe your version of a chew toy, or some time creating.

I hope you find the time and a way to reset and decompress from the heavy, painful, or hard matters.

It’s like I told Greg’s dad before we left:

Today sucked ( because of you know facing the pain head on) , but tomorrow will suck a little less.

So to you handful of readers I say again :

Hi I see you.

You made it.

Today or this week, may have sucked.

But tomorrow will suck a little less.

I’m rooting for you to have a moment of relief this weekend in whatever form rejuvenates you .

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