FEELING anticipation as we count down the days to Februrary 26th
LEARNING : that there is a season to everything
PRACTICING : our bowling skills…or lack there of
as well as apologizing + forgiving
MASTERING : a minimalist lifestyle as the packing process has begun = )
& Greg is mastering his brewgame #proudhomebrewerswife
EATING : farm to fork fresh food , supporting local farmers

Bethel’s newest album on repeat

PLAYING :  that game where you act out what your animals are saying,leaving us laughing so hard

FINISHING : up the last of our Arby’s coupons as we indulge in their milkshakes 
READING : the Bible in a year and Blue Like Jazz
WATCHING : Blue Bloods & The Office because never have I ever
WEARING : adidas pants because they’re our favorite and make us feel like we can conquer the world
WORKING : round the clock including weekends,saving dollars
WALKING :  much more with Greg all over this city, thanks to Blizzard Jonas, and LOVIN’ it
TRAVELING : to uncharted territory here discovering our fave’s in the city we call home

DESIRING : a focus on what love looks like as we approach this month that gets bombarded by red and false definitions of wat love is

CELEBRATING : groundhogs (2nd), love (14th), taking chances ( february 23rd), & …home (26th)
// we have an extra 24 hours this month,
lets make it count
and Brew some more Love

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