feeling : finally like Lancaster is home 

learning: to teach refugee’s English

practicing: being the kind of friend Jesus is.

mastering: the art of putting yourself out there in order to find community
“blaming” Suzy for her insistence on us diving in on plugging in

eating: Black Rasberry Icecream with chocolate chips

listening: to sermons, podcasts, & e-books on the road
playing:” how long will our plants make it ?” 
” do you think our garden will bloom, even if I don’t have a green thumb?”
finishing : applications
reading: more books, in the best way -> paper  & upping the amount I’m reading
* thank you Lancaster City’s Poppin’ Public Library*
(that on screen reading is cute, but nothing beats a tangible paper book in your hands
 and the feeling of flipping through each page)

watching : Netflix com meu marido

wearing : the armor of God, cause I gotta stop the nonsense of starting my days without  it 

working: on figuring out what’s next , 
because we weren’t created to just pay bills & die.
we’re meant to explore, to serve, to go, to love, TO LIVE…

walking: ,skipping, & jumping for joy because S P R I N G is in the air
 ( speaking of which so is pollen,resulting in Greg’s allergy induced asthma acting up at 3am
 so we had to run to the 24 hour pharmacy in the middle of the night,
 but P R A I S E   THE    L O R D for inhalers! )

traveling : into the woods for a camping weekend with old friends
desiring : to discover the best of Lancaster ;
nature trails,
ice-cream shops,
brunch spot’s,
celebrating:  Lady’s first year with us !
                                      Brendan’s Nyack College graduation.
Mothers Day.

“Do not merely listen to the word, 
Do what it says.” James 1:22

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