…with today being the 22nd of April,
– specifically Brendan’s bearthday-
the madness of March, that spirals into the showers of celebration in April, is officially wrapping up.
7 birthday’s & a 50th Anniversary party later,
we. made. it.
…Somehow in that hectic time frame we still managed to;
   explore our city, interview for jobs,
be blessed with QUALITY free furniture to fill our home,
remain informed on what’s going on in the world, BBQ it up,
demolish + spackle + paint a friends new house,
laugh until we cry,find a church to call our own, & travel!
( All the while honoring my husband by honoring our finances & staying in the budget )
Word to the Wise Wednesday as much as you can to the best of your ability;
 in a green fashion, get rid of what you don’t need
-don’t be shy to look for FREE {people’s generosity will surprise you}
( which is a perfect opportunity for you to get your imagination spinning & creativity flowing! Example: I wanted a jewelry rack to organize my necklaces, & any where I looked it cost $$.
– yes, every. penny. counts.
because when you mind your pennies, your pennies will mind your dollars-
anyways made this simple beaut which cost me $0.00 )


I’ve rabbit trailed a bit, but all that to say,
here’s to comfort food, craftiness, living within our means,
paying it forward, family,
and cruising through these April Shower Celebrations.
Because Lancaster has yet to show me a Brazilian Restaurant,
so happy round ONE of celebrating Mae & Bryann took place here


don’t mind me & my Albert Einstein lookin’ hair
Guilty as charged:My forever comfort food;
Feijoada, Arroz,Feijao,Vinagrette,Farofa,Fraldinha, e collard greens.


Delicia Delicia assim voce me mata <3











selfie we snapchatted to Bruce


& his ULTRA self snapchatted us right back,
My favorite seafood of all time


minha prima linda
PARABENS BRENDAO te amo de mais <3






Typical Bryann, distracted by a mirror





Teaching mom mirror selfies


Mr.Realist wanted in on the fun


HAPPY 50th anniversary =)


Life is SWEET 50 YEARS of MARRIAGE Grandma & Grandpa
Laughing together as a family reminiscing


watching them laugh together as they reflected on 50 years of marriage was the best part of the night



( Parabens Ashley e Pai)




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