Those of you who know me, know that I don’t like to write. It actually can be paralyzing for me to try and put words on paper. Greeting cards, for instance, are so difficult for me. I’m not sure if it’s the pressure of writing the right thing, feeling like I write the same ‘Happy Birthday’ every year, or maybe I’m just in my head. I really don’t know.

Nonetheless, it’s hard.

It’s funny how different people can be. It’s even funnier how God brings those people together. Thressa is such a talented writer. Writing words of encouragement to people brings her life. I’ve always loved Thressa’s blog and encouraged her to keep writing. The whole time, glad that I didn’t have to do the writing.

Recently though, we’ve been revamping the blog. Redesigning, changing the looks, updating some performance related things; you know, the things that bring me life.

Anyways, a part of revamping was driven by our desire to reach more people. During all of this we had some conversations with friends to help brainstorm some ideas. One of our friends suggested that more people might buy into what we had to say if it came from two perspectives. After all, this blog is called ‘Irving’s Count Up’ isn’t it? It isn’t called ‘Thressa Counts Up’.

As soon as this friend made that suggestion, I went silent. I need to contribute? No no, that’s Thressa’s thing. I just make sure the site works.

But the more the idea sat with me, the more I knew this friend was right.

So here we are. This, being my first blog post, is just my introduction to y’all on what has previously been Thressa’s blog. But is now truly, our blog. Irving’s Count Up.

I would love to interact with some of the people who read our blog and get some feedback, as well as things that you’d like to read about on here. Let me know!

Until next time!

Post Author: Greg Irving

3 Replies to “1455; Blogging Icebreakers”

  1. Reading this makes me such a proud of wife.
    You had me chuckling throughout, and it felt like I was in person with you just listening to you speak.
    Excited for our subscribers to get a glimpse into the mind of the Greg that I know and love ❤️

  2. This makes my heart so happy for you as a power couple. Thanks for finding your seat at the table Greg! I’m excited to see what’s next!

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