My daughter usually loves her naps.

Today I tried all the things to get her to take that afternoon nap cause I could see how tired she was. 

When nothing else worked I laid her down in her crib and hoped for the best. 

She babbled for a few minutes then silence.

It was suspicious to me but I also wondered wait a minute , was that all she needed?

So of course I peaked my head in, and sure enough Maria was standing tall and proud holding the rail of her crib, naked.

She had taken off her diaper and was hype about it.

I laughed out loud.

It was so funny!

Some comedic timing this daughter of ours has.

But I needed that laugh.

So I laughed picked her up and smooched her then diapered her back up.

We all need a good laugh sometimes.

It’s easy to get caught up in whatever we’re doing, our agendas, and it’s easy to be consumed by our stresses and anxieties.

It happens to so many of us so easily.

I want it to be easier to get caught up in laughter, than in all the to-do’s.

So I hope this story of a naked baby standing tall ever so proud of herself knowing full well what she did, brings a smile to your face and some levity to your day.

Thanking God for this daughter of mine who is now asleep, who reminds me to lighten up and laugh a little !

Or a lot, here’s to hoping it gets easier for all of us to get caught up in the levity.

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