The past two months we’ve been living in PA, we did not have a place of our own. We quickly learned the tremendous necessity/value in life of how being able to receive help,& how being in the RIGHT  place, can be far better than remaining a moment longer in the no longer the right place . There’s something so refreshing about knowing – even in this I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps self sufficient world we live in- that we need each other, we’re not alone, and there are people who care, who yearn to help us . So whoever you are reading this, wherever you are as you scroll through these pictures of us moving from our ” studio” in camphill, to our spacious 2 bedroom apartment in Lancaster City ( complete with laundry room hallelujah), know that friend you are welcome here. Come on over, you’re not alone YOU ARE CARED FOR , it’s our pleasure to practice hospitality, & we’d seriously love to have you over !
Also,we wouldn’t have been able to move in so smoothly this Friday were it not for the
immense moving muscles of Greg’s (our) parents, Ashley, Mike,& Dorcas.Snow may fall from the sky, the main passage way may be to narrow so you have to bring everything through the neighbors yard, the wooden staircase may be steep and questionable… But all these obstacles in moving and in life are overcomable when people who love you come along side you, no questions asked, to -in this case literally- bear your load.


I don’t know how you’ve been getting by in life, but this is how we do,”we get by with a little help from our friends”.

So make sure you know,”If there is a load that you need to bear that you can’t carry,I’ll be right up the road and I’ll share your load if you just call me”, because we know we have people like the ones in these photos that we saw this weekend who say to us,” I am here you don’t have to worry I can see your tears I’ll be there in a hurry when you call friends are there to help you when you call,here’s my shoulder you can lean on me”.
They are there for us ,
we are here for you,
It’s a contagious never ending cycle of a never gets old message; we love you.
If you’ve not recently taken the time to tell someone you’re there for them, nor have you acted on it: STEP YOUR GAME UP please, you never know who needs it
& besides friends make life and CELEBRATING even sweeter than chocolate cake with peanut butter icing  🙂

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