Every year growing up, immediately following the Thanksgiving church service, my family would take our Christmas picture for our annual Da Silva Christmas Card.
I’m an Irving now so you best believe I carried the Christmas Card tradition over to Greg and I.
Only difference being instead of using a picture taken on Thanksgiving,
Greg and I decided to use our favorite picture from that year.
In 2014 our Christmas card was a picture of us on our wedding day, that said Married & Bright.
In 2015 our Christmas card was our first family photo;Greg, Me, & our pup Lady. Happy Pawlidays.
In 2016 our Christmas card features a photo of Greg & I sans pup and sans pun, but full of JOY.
Yes, primarily because we were in a beautiful secluded island in the Bahamas called Bimini.
But also because that picture depicts pure JOY.
Shouldn’t our JOY on Christmas, and every day 
look a little more like Greg and I in that Christmas card ?
May God’s Greatest Gift be our greatest JOY.
No pun. Just truth. Pure Joy.

 Jesus is our JOY.
In the words of Ann Voskamp,
 ” We are most prepared for Christmas when we revel in His presence as our greatest gift”
Revel in His presence dearest reader.
He is our greatest gift.
HE is our greatest JOY.

                                                             “You’re the JOY

The song in my heart

The hope of my soul
In the shadows
In the sorrows
In the desert
When the pain hits
You are constant
You’re the song of my heart


You’re the joy joy joy lighting my soul
The joy joy joy making me whole
Though I’m broken, I am running
Into Your arms of love
Into Your arms”

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