Cards of Christmas Past & Traditions of Christmas Present

This year is our 5th Christmas as husband and wife, and our first Christmas as PARENTS!

There are certainly old Christmas  traditions that we have done as a couple and are going to continue to do now that our sweet Mariazinha is in our life.

This includes taking annual family Christmas photos;





and picking our favorite to be part of a Christmas card.


Being married to Greg means getting quality Christmas Card’s wherever we can score the best deal. So in past year’s we’ve gotten our Christmas Cards from Vista Print, Snapfish, and Dazzle.

In 2014 our Christmas Card was a picture of us on our wedding day, that said
Married & Bright.


In 2015 our Christmas card was our first family photo;Greg, Me, & our pup Lady.
Happy PAWlidays.


In 2016 our Christmas card features a photo of Greg & I sans pup and sans pun, but full of JOY in Bimini, Bahamas.
In 2017 our Christmas card featured Greg and me wearing W&M rugby shirts in front of the historical Wren building on campus that read :
We wish you a William and Mary Christmas ( the pun is back !)


This year we decided to order from Chatbooks on Black Friday and they are probably one of our favorite Christmas cards to date.

We took our photo after thanksgiving weekend at a tree farm in Williamsburg while wearing our Christmas jammies.


Sending out Christmas cards to loved ones

is one of my oldest + favorite Christmas traditions.

But just like the saying goes for friends,

I think we should make new traditions and keep the old

one is silver and the other gold.

Here are some of our OLD traditions

  • Sending out annual Christmas Cards
  • Watching Christmas Movies ( The Grinch  + It’s a Wonderful Life are our favorites)
  • Getting an ornament for each year
  • Decorating a tree while listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog
  • Listening to ABR’s Christmas Album Sleddin Hill all month long
  • Reading Ann Vosskamp’s Unwrapping the Greatest Gift advent Devotional
  • Christmas Eve in NJ  ( igreja, late dinner {Bacalhau, Paella, Frango,e Pudim}, then exchanging gifts at midnight)
  • Pit stop in between at Dunkin’ for coffee
  • Christmas Day in PA  (reading the Christmas story, breakfast {monkey bread, mimosas, casseroles, & Christmas Crack }, exchanging gifts and family photos in front of the tree)
  • Homemade Chinese food on the 27th.

Here are some of our NEW ones

  • Getting Family Christmas PJ’s + wearing them all month (we got ours from Target) *fun fact they’re now on sale
  • Chocolate Advent Calendars ( we got ours from TJ’s)
  • Creating + watching a Christmas movie Bucket list
  • Christmasy ice-cream  &/or Hot Cocoa to enjoy while watching those movies (we’ve been indulging in Trader Joe’s  dreamy and creamy Bûche de Noël ice-cream)

If any of these traditions inspire you please do them!

PLEASE spread that Christmas cheer.

Christmas traditions are so much fun, and if you’d like to have  Christmas traditions but don’t yet… START TODAY!

After all traditions had to start somewhere and get repeated to become a tradition =)

Get creative and have fun with it.

Keep it tailored to you and your unique life,

no matter how random the tradition may seem,

and enjoy them!



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