As we began our drive down to Virginia to visit some fr-amily ( friends turned family),
 Greg & I joked that “on the road again” has very much become the story of our lives.


There always seems to be places to go, people to see, & things to do.
Dr. Seuss was onto something with his whole “Oh the places you’ll go”
and Oh how we love to go places, to see the people we love.
Because the place’s we go are far more about the people we’re with

Because we all know it’s the people that make a space, a place.
So what is it about these people?
Naturally so, if you’ve heard us talking about them,
without having ever being around them the question remains;
What is about these Sylvester’s that you just can’t get enough of?

See for yourself:


Okay so my photos  are sub-par
they’re  nowhere at the level where they can convey the;
beauty, liveliness, & home this place exudes.
Very simply it’s the supernatural in the natural.


It’s the intense capture the flag-esque family nerf gun wars
that left us sweating &breathless,
it’s the early morning rising to be awestruck at the sight of farm fresh eggs,
(Tuck wanted Greg to match him )
(like father like son)
it’s the practice of family supports family in every way {yep the icing on the cake, Mr.Rich is Hudson’s coach & sappy as it may be watching him intentionally encourage these boys,instill their worth, stressing teamwork had me tearing up},
it’s the lack of partiality; to welcome you into their home.
Whether they know you 10 years or 1 summer,
they take you in like you’re one of their own.
They believe in you, they value you.
They set an atmosphere that echoes:
 here you are free to be yourself &we love who that is.
it’s the why not / “don’t get used to it boys, but enjoy every bite” spontaneous visits to hole in the wall delicious donut shops with not so delicious coffee for lunch
it’s the sending our friend off thousands of miles away smiling at the hope of being reunited soon,




 it’s the let’s enjoy to the fullest every moment of this life we’ve been given, in the form of; Risk-ing it all, riding bikes feeling the fresh crisp air fill these lungs, & interacting with these beautiful creatures we’ve played no part in creating, but play our part in praising their Creator with a simple stroke of their mane.


it’s the hanging out with a 5 year old
and being reminded what imagination + compassion feels like,
it’s the intrigue at our ability to make fire


& getting our hands dirty wanting to contribute to watch its mesmerizing glow and feel its warmth,
it’s the simple fireside talks
that erupt into uncontrollable laughter that gives you a sore stomach for all the right reasons,
it’s the “winners or losers good attitudes all around” street hockey

it’s the being with my husband as we take it all in (thank you Virginia for being for lovers),



it’s the place where a simple weekend visit
inadvertently transforms into a retreat

 where you experience the presence of God;
 this is what it is to be at the Sylvester home.


That’s what it is about them.
 God’s love, peace, freedom, joy, understanding, creativity, & rest ABOUND in their home.
It refreshes the soul, to abide in a home
where the urge to revert to your natural & best self, is irresistible + uncontainable.

The self that God intended us to be
– that we often neglect or forget exists, that’s yearning to be awakened –
bursts forth in this place, with these people.

Whenever we’re around them we soak up every bit
of their extraordinary example of a Christ-centered family lifestyle,
that they’re too humble to admit they set.

For they know full well,
the single most important component in making a group of people a family,
is that Love abides there.

& as Love so evidently abides as their foundation,
they know it’s not about what’s being done,
it’s the being together every step of the way
in the words of Rich & Suzy it’s about “Destination Family”.
For wherever you’re with them
& for however long you’re there
your always at the same place:
 Destination Family. 


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