Don’t Forget

Today I went on several walks with Maria. Right before the second walk of the day I decide to let Lady outside quick. I’m holding Maria in my arms and I have the stroller strapped onto my shoulder watching lady run around the yard when all of a sudden a gust of wind and I hear a sudden slam.

Wide eyed I realize instantly what just happened.

I run over to our door to check, and sure enough I am locked out!

I didn’t have my keys on me either because I was planning on getting the keys after I left the stroller at the bottom of the stairs while I carried Maria and brought Lady inside.

I froze when the door slammed shut, because it’s not just me now I’m responsible for this precious sweet human.

Thankfully I had my cell phone so I texted Greg and he was home within 15 minutes of receiving the first text to let us back in. 

Thankfully it was a cloudy but comfortable 70 degrees.

 Thankfully Maria had a hoody on on top of her onesie.

Thankfully Greg’s job is close to where we live.

The moment Greg got home I said how I felt stupid for forgetting the keys, and how I had a plan and I didn’t think the door was gonna lock.

And Greg without skipping a beat said 

yea but you didn’t forget Maria”.

The list of what you need before you leave the house as a mother of a 7 month old seems endless: wipes, diapers, blanket, teether, sunscreen, change of clothes, hat, board book, etc.

I was finally starting to always remember KIP: Keys ID Phone ( made that up in college and thought it was brilliant), I digress.

The important thing is there was something refreshing about being reminded that I didn’t forget what was most important .

Whatever’s on your list for today or tomorrow or life , may you go easy on yourself for the things you end up forgetting so long as you remember what’s important to you.

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