Everybody like a Somebody

Feeling hope.

Victor Hugo once said the night is always darkest before the dawn.

And tonight as I watched the saturated sky finally set on what seemed like a day where time stood still, there it was before my very eyes as I saw the sunset, I saw time was moving.

Why do we love?

Why are we given people in our lives who care for us and show that care for us for years and years?

I think that’s some of the most powerful love.

Not the love that gets it right all the time.

But the love that

shows up and shows up and shows up. 

I wrote earlier this week about Greg’s pap-pap and the kind soul that he was.

We spent today at his viewing and memorial service, showing up for family to just say:

I’m grieving with you 

I support you 

I’m thankful for this man and the life he lived.

I’m coming back to Pittsburgh even though we know our visits to Pittsburgh won’t ever be the same.

But also I think … when someone you love passes away one of the things you’re left thinking is : I’m still here.

So what am I going to do while I’m still here?

How am I going to love ?

How am I going to show up, 

How am I going to be intentional in my relationships?

How am I going to show I care or extend grace and forgiveness?

How am I going to create joy, and unforgettable memories? 

How am I going to add laughter and trust and hope?

For those closest to the loss it’s so much how am I going to find a new normal?

How am I going to navigate life without this person I love ?

As I was writing Greg turned to me and said :

“ my pap pap was a really good man” 

I responded with,

“he made everybody feel like a somebody.”

No gimmicks no frills. 

Just simple but powerful love.

I don’t want it to take someone I love passing away  for me to only momentarily appreciate my life and my people then go back through the motions.

We need to hug people tighter.

Tell people how we feel.

Make the time and room in your days for the people we love and miss.

Find a routine that keeps us accountable to showing up and showing love.

More phones down more eyes up.

Pap-Pap looked me in the eyes when he spoke to me and graciously repeated stories that I asked to hear time and time again: like where he grew up, how he fell in love, and when he came to Jesus.

What’s the point of any of it { life } if we’re not loving the people right in front of us?

If we’re not showing up and making everybody feel like a somebody?

The sun has set on the day Greg was sure would suck.

And on this day where he grieved the loss of such a kind soul, that was a part of his life for 28 years and having to now learn to live without him … but maybe as he does so he can take what he’s learned from his Pap-Pap.

The kindness.

The love for Jesus.

The constant praying for his family.

The showing up.

The treating everybody like a somebody.

I hope as you read this you are reminded that this is a kind space and you are a somebody.

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