How We Get Maria to Fall Asleep

Maria wakes up at 5 which makes me a morning person.

She managed to fall asleep after driving Greg to work, so you best believe I’m going to sit right here in the car with her until she wakes up.

I should preface this by saying had I read this prior to having a child I’d be like “awe come on let the baby sleep inside.”

But now as a barely seasoned parent of 7 months, other than when you’re trying to get your milk supply flowing in the beginning which is when mothers are encouraged to wake up to feed every 2-3 hours as a new mother, you fight for your babies right to nap.

Sure I could take her out of the car seat and put her to nap in her crib, but the transfer alone could wake her. Is she in a light sleep or a deep sleep is she mid REM cycle, because if so, nope not waking her up. It’s so sad when she wakes up at what I assume is mid REM cycle cause she looks tired and sad. Not to mention her little frown just breaks your heart.

Oh , catnap over Maria woke up…to be continued ! (7:10am)


Maria is fast asleep yet again in the car picking up papai at work. One car family livin’!

She plays 




It’s nice, she reminds me to live a little, and not be a boring adult .

But back to what I was writing about earlier when Maria is napping we let her rest we let her get her sleep and try to not wake her.

Total transparency, we don’t do sleep training.

That’s not really our style.

But to each their own.

Right now it fits our stage of life to do what we are doing instead of sleep training and some of it is of course is Maria too… she just enjoys her sleep.

And who knows maybe one day we will do sleep trying but as for right now that’s not for us.

So instead I’ve decided to share what isfor us, in other words  

How We Get Maria to Fall Asleep:

1: Run out her Energy

In order to facilite Maria falling asleep, she has to be tired. That might sound obvious but just because a person has been awake doesn’t mean they’re tired. When Maria has a day with a lot of people interaction, visual and audio stimulants, play, and physical activity she acquiesces to napping without a fight. In fact sometimes if I try to put her to sleep and she’s not abou 


( even if just for pacifying)

**Why I’m fine with it : Breast milk is a magical elixir that serves as children’s first immunity, it provides everything they need to flourish nutrient wise for the first give or take 4-6 months of life, it adapts to the child’s needs and our doctor told us when a baby is breastfeed he/ she can’t over breastfeed.

That was a relief to hear because I don’t want to overfeed her.

That may be a myth, I haven’t looked into it, I took the doctors word for it.

Maria at my chest settles her.

 It’s safety and security. 

It’s warmth and literally a source of nourishment.

So we start with running out her energy, then when she shows signs of sleepiness to my chest she goes. 

I would say it has a 9/10 success rate . 

But no I have not collected any data, just using that number to illustrate a point.

Breastfeeding comforts her, it soothes her, and it’s one of the most effective ways to get Maria sleepy.

3: Sway with it Bounce with it ft. Lullaby

Greg doesn’t have breasts.

Well he has a chest, but the fact remains he’s breastfeeding-less. Therefore, his primary method is sway with it bounce with it.

He often adds a song when he does the rock and sway that we made up week one of her life when we were delirious and trying to get her to fall asleep.

Maria falls asleep when we sway her and bounce her, to the point that our arms grow numb of holding her. 

It takes a while of swaying rocking and singing.

And with each day she grows as does our muscle.

I should mention a rocking motion isn’t it but more of like a swing. 

Maybe it has something to do with womb life?Maybe it’s because when she was 1-3 months old we used those electric swings that helped us reach the sleep jackpot. She would fall asleep and once she was in deep sleep we’d transfer her to her bedside cosleeper.

Now … we didn’t move the electric swing with us to NJ we donated it,mostly because we didn’t want to lug it with us but also because  Maria would soon weigh out of it. And we thought to ourselves, well realistically how much longer will she need it?

Sure enough we were right she technically didn’t need it anymore, because we became human swings.

Also I have to add on our honeymoon dancing bachata on a catamaran in the DR I learned Greg had no idea where his hips were, it only took becoming a father determined to rock sway his baby girl to sleep for him to discover them ! Greg found his hips! And a sure fire way to sway Maria to sleep, breastfeedingless and all!!

** This method I do use from time to time , and we would suggest it for anyone trying to get Maria to fall asleep.

Oh and you have to kind of do what Indiana Jones did when trying to transition Maria from

your arms to her crib. And just like in Indiana Jones if you fail to make the transfer smoothly you feel like you have a boulder tumbling after you … it’s crushing.

4: Bathtime

It relaxes her.

It slows things down. 

I ( or we) just supervise her of course I clean her too! We watch her splash and try to stand and play with her duckies and watery sensory toys. Then when she’s over it she’ll each her arms out and we wrap her up nice and warm in her gray Maria towel.

5: We let Maria be Maria

She wants to snuggle okay let’s snuggle.

She wakes up in the middle of the night, what’s going on? 

Process of elimination :

Is she cold? Is she hungry? Is she hot? Is she congested? Is she gaseous? Is she teething? 

Is she doing that mid sleep cry that babies do that sounds like they’re awake but really they’re still asleep?

I tend to those things…based on my intuition of what I think it may be, then rule each one out if my instinct isn’t accurate.

She’s not trying to bother me she’s trying to communicate with me.

I repeat that over and over especially to my sleepy self.

She is having a hard time and she needs me.

I need to remember that she is her own little human with her own wants and needs.

So as her mama I do the best I can to figure it out and tend to those needs, but at the end of the day I got to let Maria be Maria.

And you know… if all else fails, if I’m (we’re on the weekends) up I’m ( we’re) up.

I have coffee, but most of all I have Maria.

( Maria woke up at 4:55pm)

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