Have you ever watched the episode of Friends where Phoebe say’s : 

“ I don’t even have a pla-“ 

when her Monica and Rachel are talking about their life plans, or in her case lack there of.

Well that moment is the best way I am able to answer the question : How long do you plan on staying in NJ?

Oh that word: plan.

What Plan?

I don’t even have a pla-!

There is no plan of how long we plan on staying in NJ, so your guess is as good as mine.

But I can share what brought us here.

The story of what brought us to NJ begins at what brought us to VA.

The stirring.

In the case of moving to Virginia , the stirring was in the form of going to Grad School. 

I went to get my Masters in Elementary Education.

It was wonderful, challenging, and has without a doubt made me a better educator.

Granted Virginia was a slower pace of life than I was used to and I was constantly looking for things to do, what kept us in Williamsburg after graduating was the community.

When we found out I was pregnant with Maria I decided I wanted to still teach in VA pregnant and all. 

Then in mid April I changed my mind and Greg was mega supportive of my decision to want to stay at home with her instead.

So we chose to have Maria in Virginia then stayed in Williamsburg over the summer, through the fall,winter and into the beginning of spring.

We had community for the entirety of our time there.  

But once Maria hit 5 months I looked at Greg and Greg looked at me and we were unanimously like what are we still doing here?

It’s important to note, we have positive relationships with both of our families.

That reality had us asking ourselves: so why are we living 5 to 8 hours away from them, especially in a season of life where we want them to be a regular part of Maria’s life.

Don’t get me wrong we have been so encouraged and blessed by our time in Williamsburg. 

Two biggest takeaways include our daughter!! And of course my graduate degree in teaching, but as a whole we really enjoyed our time living in VA… until we didn’t.

We wanted Maria to spend more time with her Gigi Pappy Tia’s Vovó Vovô and Tios without needing to take the 5-8 hour drive.

Maria generally does well in the car but once she hit 4 months we realized we have such an active baby who likes to move it move it, we don’t want her to spend so much of her little life in a car seat.

When we moved to Virginia 2 years ago it was because of the stirring, and when we realized it was time to move out of Virginia it was also because of the stirring.

The stirring is the feeling of shifting tides.

It’s sudden, all at once, and unmistakable just knowing: okay our time here is done.

That’s really it.

We moved to New Jersey for Maria and for us to be closer to family.

Virginia was so special and our time there was certainly one that made us better humans, made me a master, made us parents. 

We’re so thankful for all Virginia was for us and now we’re adjusting to all that NJ will be for us.

Infinite unknowns, but for now we’re here.

Adjusting. Appreciating. Approvaitando. (enjoying)

Aching for friendship and community.

Amazed at being close to family again.

Me personally I’m trying to figure out how to live in such a familiar place but as a totally different human : an adult , a wife, a mamãe.

All this to say, we’re here in New Jersey for Maria and us to be closer to family, and until the stirring hits again.

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