If Babies Can Crawl, So Can I

Maria is taking her afternoon nap, and I’m caffeinated up.

Maria has been crawling and climbing and crawling and climbing.

I’m quickly discovering how out of shape I am.

Maria’s gonna keep us young and moving.

For example, I’m learning how to out-crawl her so she doesn’t place X,Y, and Z in her mouth. 

I haven’t crawled… probably since I was her age but maybe at some point in my childhood? 

In any case now I’m on the move. 

She is a speedy crawler as I imagine many babies are.

I look away for 10 seconds and she’s booking it into her room trying to put hangers or shoe boxes anything in sight into her mouth.

I just imagine Beyoncé’s “ Freedom Freedom” playing every time she starts booking it via crawl.

It’s wild trying to wrap my head around how we all had to learn how to crawl.

There are so many things I would like to learn and improve at but feel like I don’t want to put in the work or the discipline such as : improving my photography skills , 

forming healthy nutrition habits for our family, 

keeping a nursery organized, 

learning the specifics of chemical free living, traveling inexpensively, 

figuring out a fitness method that works for me, 

increasing my knowledge of the world,

serving the community, 

managing time better, 

seeing the people I love more, 

communicating clearly and more frequently.

Like I said so many things.

It can be overwhelming.

I don’t wanna start I just want to KNOW HOW already you know?

And of course there’s the saying 

“oh baby steps” yea but like sometimes even baby steps seems like a lot of work, 

I’m just trying to figure out if I can commit to learning to crawl.

I never realized how much work it is to learn to crawl my gracious. Crawling isn’t even the endgame,walking is the endgame. But before being able to take baby steps to form

better nutrition habits or  improve my photography skills, I have to do

the equivalent of learning how to crawl for each of those things.

First comes crawling… and learning how to crawl is a lot of work.

But my daughter like many babies is resilient.

She first had to get comfortable being on her stomach, then slowly learned to plank, then she bent her knees, then she would rock on all fours then fall. 

Then repeat the process over and over. 

Then she’d kind of reach forward and reach forward and reach forward . 

She’d then tire herself out and sit. 

But she’s so determined. 

One day when we came back from Mother’s Day in PA what seemed like all of a sudden out of nowhere she was crawling! 

My daughter is 7 months old and already inspiring me to get my act together.

Obviously her crawling didn’t come out of nowhere she’s been working on it every day for weeks.

She has her goal and she’s putting in the work to reach it. 

Which is more than I can say for myself, I get caught up in the “ ugh that seems like a lot of work” or “ i don’t even know where to start” or “ I can learn that some other time right now I should be_____”.

My point is good thing babies don’t make excuses like adults do or none of us would be walking.

I need to take a hint from my 7 month old and start rolling over , planking, falling from the weight of my plank lifting myself back up and so on and so forth until I start crawling.

Because I’m never gonna achieve any of those standing goals if I don’t put in the work of crawling first.

Whatever skill or habit you’re putting off today or have been putting off for weeks, pick one and figure out the crawling equivalent of it .

It’s gonna take time ( and you know I love the reward of the instantaneous so that part is hardest for me), it’s gonna take effort , it’s gonna take discipline … but if a 7 month old posses those qualities so do you dear reader. So do I.

I can put in the time the effort the discipline.

If babies can learn to crawl to get to their end goal, so can I. So can you.

So my three to four blog readers as my accountability  I’m going to crawl my way towards learning… keeping a nursery organized.

Ai ai ai, this is gonna be a tough one but if Maria can crawl so can I.

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