5 years after serving Jesus in PA summer after summer
– which led to Greg sadly saying no to family vacation-
by working at a camp to some of the best kids we’ve ever known,
 that not only was he going but we were going.
we were driving away at  9:15pm
& when I say we there, I really mean he.
Greg drove the entire way 
down to South Carolina
a 9 hour drive
617 miles straight
no complaints
(just some jamming to EVERY TUNE under the sun
& a pit stop or two for a quick caffenated pick me up)
like the rock-star husband he is.
his blushing bride well…
I tried my hardest to fight my bestie Sleep,
but I ended up hanging out with her for a little under two hours.
When we arrived: I felt SO alive, Greg … not so much.
But we were there.
the same condo,
 the same beach,
the same turtle footrest,
the same slightly dented curtains
 {from when a slightly annoyed brother intended to toss a book at a slightly relentless sister
she knew to duck, but the curtains not so much.}
it was ALL THERE pretty much how they last left it.
& just how Greg remembered it.
There’s something so refreshing about experiencing the unchanged 
in a world where everything is constantly changing.
I wanted to learn about every memory made there
I wanted to laugh until it hurt and swim until I realized I was no match for the crushing waves
I wanted to be a part of future ” remember when’s”
I finally understood why during the DaSilva Squad Wildwood Vacation Greg kept saying
funny the depth of humanities cry conveyed in my stoic sweet husband:
As much as I am someone who loves change
who loves to explore every new territory I can get my hands on,
there’s something so valuable in the tradition, in the constants,
in the returning year after year
to the same place,
with the same tribe.
Only problem was it wasn’t the same tribe.
Obviously there was me, who 5 years ago Greg didn’t know much less imagined
“hmmm… in 5 years I’ll be here with my wife”.
But that’s life. ever changing. full of surprises.
but not the same.

“How can you say that? you don’t know Myrtle Beach any other way”

Well perhaps not, but I do know family.

I know how there’s no feeling like having everyone come together
despite the changes that life brings
and knowing you are forever included & remembered.
Greg & I have absolutely been guilty of missing out on some prime family time
PLEASE don’t mishear me
we can’t always make it to every family function
sometimes we just cant
and that’s okay.

But rest assured, even when you’re not there, your included & remembered.

But oh how precious it is to be together.
Next summer I’ll be saying ” I knew it just wasn’t the same”

My dad always said
” together happiness happens”
& the longer I live the deeper my appreciation for that phrase.

I crave the summer of 2016.
where my prayer  is to bring my sisters “his” sisters with us
because family time without any members of you tribe
 its just NEVER the same.
and as I’ve mentioned sometimes we NEED SAME.
After all
tradition / what makes family vacations so special
lies not in the location
nor the irreplaceable turtle footrest
but the setting aside a time in the crazy changing world that is life
and S T O P P I N G  in your tracks to say;
but TODAY family.

Greg’s parents stayed at the beach for another week,
while we grownups had to go back to work.

{ turn up TODAY  they’re CELEBRATING

30 YEARS 10, 957 DAYS 946,684,800 SECONDS

& they are still as crazy about each other as newlyweds
( i can say that because I’m part of that newlwed crew 😉  }

The newly made memories are ever so fresh,
the reminiscing on memories past ever so sweet,
but the excitement for future yet to be made  memories…
there’s no comparison
nothing like it
one migt even say


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