look like Maria

The kindness and wonder with which Marias look at me with those eyes.

You don’t even know you’re doing it kid.

Restoring my hope in humanity all over again.

You look at me and I melt.

Having a daughter has changed the way I interact with the world and has shifted my priorities.

I want community habits and lifestyle choices that she admires and aspires towards.

I want to be  a mama that she knows is flawed but also a mama that fills her with hope in humanity.

Today Maria needed me an extra lot to hold and sing to and snuggle and feed and comfort.

When her eyes of kindness and wonder shift into eyes of sadness and need … I want to move mountains to make it better

Of course there are times when I have to call TAG and have Greg step in when you try all the things but nothing makes anything better.

I want to be a mamãe she’s proud of. I want to model self respect joy bravery kindness love adventure. As I lay here thinking about how naptime came and went today without writing I think about continuing to fill my moments doing more of all the things that make me come alive.

100% one of those things include MOTHERHOOD.

From the moment Maria rises to the moment she’s passes out from such a full day  (she operates at 1000 miles a minute) I’m on and I love it.

When Maria looks at me with that kindness and wonder or does something silly like crawling around and smirking when I ask her what is she doing and she turns around instantly locks eyes and smirks . 

My eyelids are heavy as I write this, but I have this massive writing streak going on. 17 days !

Here’s to looking at people in our lives with kindness and wonder like Maria looks at me.

Here’s to wanting to step it up in this game of life and having (anyone who reads my blogs )hope in humanity restored.

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