Love You Too

There’s nothing in the world like knowing you are loved .

This world is a big place with so much going on constantly. 

When I feel small the best message to be reminded of is that we’re loved.

As each day passes by and I try to be the best mama to Maria that I can be, as I try to improve who I am as a person I like to remember that I am loved.

By God by my family by my husband by my closest friends and by me.

Knowing we are loved fuels us to love our day to day with purpose and motivation.

So to anyone reading this before bed tonight I say hi, you’re loved ,I’m loved,we’re loved.

When so many things can pile up lets not forget the powerful truth that we are loved.

I hope that on this journey to making something meaningful out of our days in this life, we are reminded that we don’t have to earn love, we already are.

May you soak up the truth that you are loved by God, others, and may you always remember to love you too.

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