Mamãe Monday; 3 Items that enhanced this Mamãe’s time with her daughter

As a mamãe to Maria these past 12 weeks, I have found some products that I have grown to love in my day to day with her.

Now before she was born I tried to research as much as I could the things that could be useful to her development, as well as things that would be practical in acclimating her to our on the go lifestyle.

So this afternoon as she takes her nap I write this blogpost where I am going to share 3 Items that enhanced this Mamãe’s time with her daughter.

Quick disclaimer; to each their own. I am sharing the products that have enhanced my experience with Maria. Some of these products may not jive with your taste, lifestyle, or your baby. They may not even jive with our future children ( this is not an announcement). They are products that have enhanced this mamãe’s experience with Maria. They are also products that I have had nothing but positive experiences with and would highly recommend to other mamães, thus todays blogpost !

So without further adieu,

3 Items that enhanced this Mamãe’s time with her daughter.

  1. Bedside Co-Sleeper
Maria 5 days old

This was a wonderful solution to me wanting to be able to access Maria easily during the night for feedings as well as wanting her to be within arms reach should she need anything. This was especially helpful early on as I was officially in what is called the “lying in” period.

( A great resource to learn more on lying in is The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother . This resource helps you focus on the healing of your body as well as bonding with your baby.)

Maria at 3 days old

We were so thankful that Greg’s co-worker was equally excited about creating this bedside cosleeper for us in his woodshop as a gift to our family welcoming our sweet Maria.

8 weeks old
1 week old
4 days old
8 days old
10 week old Maria

As you can see Maria has spent so many afternoon naps and had many deep nighttime sleeps in her bedside cosleeper.

There are a variety of bedside co-sleepers out there, and though I really liked the DIY wooden bedside co-sleeper we had made for us, this is the #1 on our list of items that enhanced our experience because of how easily accessible Maria was to me at all times.

In case you are wondering we used {and LOVED} the Dockatot Deluxe as the cushion for the bedside cosleeper but I know the Snuggle Me Organic is another popular favorite

She is growing quickly so she probably only has a few weeks left sleeping in her bedside co-sleeper, but this time with her sleeping beside us has been so precious.

I am linking a bedside co-sleeper here for anyone who is interested in a bedside cosleeper for themselves or for someone in your life who is expecting or currently a newborn mama that you know who would enjoy a bedside co-sleeper.

I have no other experience so it may not mean much when I say it, but having her beside us at night has made all the difference especially quality of sleep wise.

An absolute worth it investment in my opinion for the peace of mind, quick visual to Maria with no barrier, her being within sensory range, waking up to see a peacefully sleeping or smiling babe, and not to mention the developmental benefits that research has shown regarding bedside co-sleeping.

2. Nuna Carseat

Our life is constantly on the go, and I personally love being able to take off at the drop of a hat. That being said, as a first time mom I researched so much when it came to safe carseats that were also popularly favored by other Mamãe’s.

Review after review I found that the Nuna PIPA Infant carseats customer reviews and safety rating soared, making this carseat stick out among the rest.

I mean of course theres the added bonus of its sleek black design, and other bonus features ( like the shoulder cushions, buckle cushion, an infant insert, magnetic canopy) but it’s safety and durability was by far what sold it to us.

The hospital where we gave birth to Maria { and hopefully many other hospitals are like this as well} were really serious about not letting any baby leave the hospital without a secure carseat.Our discharge nurse as soon as she saw it said “just by the looks of it that seems like a very secure car seat”. Then she proceeded to inspect it making sure it got passed the hospitals seal of approval. This picture is Greg and my Mãe strapping her in at the hospital in order to get discharged.

From the hospital
to the car
to her home
and beyond!

I am all about items that bring me peace of mind, and the Nuna PIPA carseat does just that! In addition to our day to day outings to parks, rivers, new cities, church, etc. we’ve also safely taken longer trips to NJ, PA, and VA with Maria.

*It’s also compatible with other strollers so you can have the Nuna PIPA carseat without needing their accompanying stroller.

This carseat enhances my time with Maria because I know I can unwind knowing that wherever adventure we’re headed to as a family she’s safe.

3. A Baby Carrier

11 week old Maria in the Bjorn

Carrying Maria in my womb was training for carrying her in the outside world. But there are infinitely more perks having her out of the womb and in my arms or asleep on my chest. I’ve used this Baby Bjorn since Maria was born for long walks in CW, Jamestown Beach, just being around the house. Greg has used the Bjorn to carry Maria at the wedding we went to with her when she was less than a month old. I’ve also used the Moby Wrap to carry her when she was in her prime little newborn stage to help her feel snug safe and secure as she listened to my heartbeat.

A week old Maria snuggling in the Moby Wrap
A week old Maria in the Baby Bjorn

The reality is there are so many awesome carriers out there!

The Baby Bjorn a friend let us borrow and Moby wrap was a hand me down from another family. Carrying Maria around in these carriers has just added so much fun to our bonding experience!

I’d love to use the Ergo Baby Carrier Omni 360 or try Wildbird’s wrap in the future.

Using a carrier was so pivotal enhancing my time as a mamãe to Maria because I was still able to hold her keeping her close to me reinforcing to her that I was there for her, rocking her to sleep when she needed it, all the while having my hands free and maintaining my sense of wonder and being on the go!

So there you have it, 3 Items that enhanced this Mamãe’s time with her daughter are:

  1. A Bedside Co-sleeper
  2. The Nuna PIPA Carseat
  3. A carrier

Comment below if you have any questions or comments about anything I’ve shared that has enhanced my time with my sweet Maria

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